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Financial planning

One of our four core functions is ‘allocating and accounting for NHS education and training resources and the outcomes achieved’.

We have developed a system for distributing the Multi Professional Education and Training (MPET) funding to which recognise existing patterns of training, are not unnecessarily disruptive, are equitable in allowing access to a trained workforce in the NHS across England, ensure economies of scale in commissining where that is appropriate, for example for small specialist groups, support high quality education and training and an education and research interface.

Currently the MPET allocation amounts to £4.9billion. The scope of what the MPET allocation covers includes flexibility for education for the current and wider workforce as well as the future professional workforce.

HEE will implement a tariff based system for education and training. Standard tariffs already exist for contracts with higher education and new national tariffs for education placements with service providers will be implemented from April 2013 with an appropriate transition period. There will be different tariffs for different professions and these will be developed through the inclusion of education within the annual reference costs exercise.

Over time parts of both tariffs will be aligned to quality payments similar to the Commissioning for Quality and Innovation (CQUIN) payments for service tariffs.

In the longer term, MPET may be funded through a levy on all providers. This would enable the collection of a contribution from current independent providers of NHS and non NHS healthcare who employ and benefit from professional staff trained by the NHS.

Costing education and training

Health Education England and the Department of Health are working closely with Trusts to improve the NHS’s understanding of the true cost of delivering clinical placements and training posts. As part of this work stream, we are devising and implementing a robust tariff based system for the funding of placements and posts. In August 2014 all 236 NHS Trusts within the scope of the collection submitted their costs and activity for the full financial year April 2013 - March 2014.

The revised Cost Collection guidance for 2014-15 is available to Trusts via DH Exchange. If you do not have a login please email educationandtraining@dh.gsi.gov.uk to request an invite.

The following questionnaires are avaialble to download in the related document section below.

Sample questionnaires – teaching

  • Survey to Teaching Staff – Combined
  • Survey to Teaching Staff – Medical Trainees
  • Survey to Teaching Staff – Medical Students
  • Survey to Teaching Staff – Medical Trainees 2 (word)
  • Survey to Teaching Staff – Nursing

Sample questionnaires – trainees

  • Survey to Medical Trainees
  • Survey to Medical Trainees 2 (word)

Tariff guidance and implementation

The Department of Health published the tariff guidance document 2015/16 on the 19 March 2015, as communicated by Alan Robson, Deputy Director of Workforce Development Strategy, Department of Health.


As per the Health Education England mandate, we are responsible for the implementation of tariffs. documents published to support the implementation of tariff are available to download from the related documents section below.

  • FAQs: Education and Training Tariffs 2015-16
  • Tariff Quality Outputs: curriculum delivery postgraduate medical tariff

The guidance sets out the criteria for a placement to attract payment of tariff, including the requirement to meet the quality standards of the commissioner. This document sets out the quality requirements around delivery of the training curriculum.

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