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Targeted GP training scheme

Targeted GP training and extra training time

We have announced plans to support some doctors who want to re-enter GP training

Our targeted GP training scheme is designed for GP trainees who passed their Work Place Based Assessment and one of the two required exams (either Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) or Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA)) but left training without passing the second exam, to re-enter GP training.

The 18-month scheme was introduced in recognition that this group of trainees may not have had the equivalent opportunities for support that are available to trainees today, and sufficient time to achieve the required standards.

How can I apply

Details of how to apply can be found on the GPNRO website

Am I eligible?

The eligibility criteria for entry into the scheme is detailed in the Targeted GP Training person specification. Applicants must meet ALL of the following criteria:

  • have held a GP National Training Number (NTN)
  • left GP training between August 2010 and January 2018
  • have taken both, but passed only one of either the Applied Knowledge Test (AKT) or Clinical Skills Assessment (CSA)
  • have satisfactory Workplace-Based Assessments (WPBA)
  • have taken but not passed the other exam of the two
  • have current General Medical Council (GMC) registration with a licence to practise
  • been in medical practice in the NHS in the last two years.

Where can I find out further information?

Read the FAQs.

Alternative pathways

The initial proposals included two other groups, which we are continuing to look at:

Switching specialty doctors

Specialty and associate specialists (SAS) or consultant level doctors looking for a career change into general practice will now be considered through the existing recruitment processes.

Certificate of eligibility for GP Registration top up training doctors

Overseas trained doctors who are planning on working in the UK but are required to undertake more training to demonstrate equivalence to the CCT, will be considered under a separate joint proposal with the Royal College of General Practitioners (RCGP).


Increase in additional training time for GP trainees

In parallel to targeted GP training, we proposed an increase in the period of additional training time available for GP trainees to bring it in line with other specialties and to reflect the unique challenges of the GP training programme. 

With effect from 31 January 2018, the available extension to training for GP trainees has been increased to 12 months additional training with a further 6 months exceptional training.

Further details, and how this might affect individual doctors can be found in the revised 7th edition of “A reference guide for postgraduate specialty training in the UK” (known as the Gold Guide), paragraphs 4.78 - 4.80.


Register your interest

If you would like to register an interest in the TGPT scheme, please submit your details.