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East midlands

The training hub (previously called Community Education Provider Networks (CEPNs)) project is part of our Primary Medical Services Programme in the East Midlands. It works to increase the undergraduate student placements in Primary Care in collaboration with HEE, HEIs and general practices across the East Midlands region.

It presents an exciting opportunity for general practices and other primary care providers to work in a supported network. We are aiming to build capacity for education delivery in primary care and increase the number of undergraduate students and learners in primary care and out of hospital settings. This has been shown to have a positive impact on people choosing a career in those settings.


The training hubs offer placements for the following groups in general practice:

  • Undergraduate medical students.
  • Undergraduate nurse students.
  • Undergraduate pharmacy students.


Training Hub sites across the East Midlands

The following sites have been successful in their bid to establish the Training Hub in each of the counties listed below:


1) Derbyshire Integrated Healthcare Foundation (DIHF) South Derbyshire

  • Dr Stuart Holloway
  • Jools Plummer
  • Claire Leggett

2) Joint Derbyshire covering North Derbyshire

  • Dr Jonathan Smith
  • Dr Tim Parkin
  • Tim Skinner
  • Jean Dallison


3) Saffron Health

  • Dr David Kerbel
  • Philippa Guy

4) Jubilee Medical Centre

  • Dr Phil Green
  • Dr Amit Bharkhada
  • Cath Morgan
  • Bridget Roberts

5) North Charnwood Federation, on behalf of the 4 West Leicestershire Federations

  • Dr Leslie Borrill
  • Ingrid Jones
  • Catherine Hunt


6) Boultham Park Practice (West Lincolnshire)

  • Dr Runa Saha
  • Lisa Freeman

7) Bourne Galletly Medical Practice (Lincolnshire)

  • Dr Paul Cregor
  • Ian Robinson
  • Lisa Anderson


8) DocMed Federation based in Daventry

  • Dr Rachel Parry
  • Angela Chinnock
  • Jo Cowley

9) 3Sixty care

  • Dr Jonathan Cox
  • Lisa Gammon


10) Greenwood & Sneinton Medical Practice

  • Dr Sarah Layzell
  • Suzanne Wall
  • Tyron Leu’ven

11) Rushcliffe Collaborative

  • Dr Nigel Cartwright
  • Dr Debbie Hapgood
  • Gill Beardmore

12) Out of Hours (NEMS)

  • Dr Anita Bloor
  • Simon Browes
  • Rachel Green

13) Urgent Care Centre (City Care)

  • Dr Jim Hamilton
  • Jim Quinn
  • Emma Self

Next steps

We will continue to provide oversight and guidance to the training hub workstream as we move towards sustainability. 

The Training Hubs are engaging with their county level Primary Care Local Delivery Groups to ensure alignment with their Sustainability and Transformation Plan.