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The Workforce Streamlining Programme is now building upon the work of the Core Skills programme and extending to incorporate the national Streamlining Initiative led by NHS Employers.

The national Streamlining initiative focuses on the following 4 common HR processes:

  1. Recruitment
  2. Statutory & Mandatory Training
  3. Medical Staffing
  4. Occupational Health

By standardising and streamlining these processes, there is an opportunity for healthcare organisations to make substantial efficiency savings whilst at the same time improving patient safety.

The Workforce Streamlining Programme in the North West has incorporated these workstreams in its work:

As part of their medical training programme junior doctors frequently rotate between NHS Organisations to ensure needs of the service & educational training requirements are fulfilled. Currently, junior doctors in the North West experience mandatory training during each rotation period. In some circumstances, this can result in a junior doctor undertaking the same mandatory training module 4 times per year. As is understandable, this creates immense frustration due to the duplication of learning generated.

One of the ways this issue is being addressed is through the development of an agreed Skills Framework, called the Core Skills Framework. If the expected benefits of the framework are to be realised there is a specific need to ensure that particular data, including elements of personal identifiable data, related to a learners  record of  Core Skills Training is collected and processed.

It is envisaged that if key systems and organisational inductions become aligned to the Core Skills Framework & learner data is shared, the duplication of Core Skill subjects junior doctors experience will significantly decrease.

By working collaboratively with all lead employer organisations we hope to:

• prevent duplication of Core Skills Training, promote efficiency and thus save time and money
• improve quality and standards of Core Skills Training
• secure the engagement of employers and education providers  in committing to implementing the required quality and data reporting processes
• gather extended knowledge and skill content applied to Junior Doctors

The joining process for NHS organisations is stringent to ensure the safety of patients, however, currently each NHS trust completes these stringent checks for each and every new starter.

Many new starters to a trust are coming directly from other NHS trusts, so the pre-employment workstream will look to introduce a ‘transfer’ culture for any staff moving from one trust in the region to another, without a break in service.

This will require all 41 NHS trusts in the north west to standardise their processes, provide assurance of their quality and to operate as a ‘system’ culturally.

The benefits to both those moving across the region throughout their NHS career, and to each NHS trust (not to mention them all collectively) include savings on the time it takes to hire staff, the improved experience of those staff moving, and the cost savings from reducing the duplication and waste.

Occupational health screening of successful applicants is a big part of the pre-employment check process. Through enabling consistency in the screening and clearance of successful applicants, North West (NW) NHS trusts will then be able to transfer and accept immunisation and vaccination records electronically. This will assist in the smooth transfer of employees between NW NHS trusts.

Although the ultimate aim is to achieve this via the Electronic Staff Record (ESR), this relies on third party occupational health systems being able to talk to ESR and vice versa, and this is not yet available in the NW. As such, the NW are currently working towards agreeing an interim process for the sharing of immunisation and vaccination records until the ultimate aim can be achieved.

There are a range of nationally agreed Terms and Conditions of Employment for NHS employees.

These are detailed in the ‘NHS Terms and Condition Handbook’; and many terms are non-negotiable.

However, there are also several terms and conditions that are agreeable locally by the employing Trust. In the main, these have been considered at a Trust level and there is little consistency between them.

The streamlining programme offers a driver to create some consistency in these, on either a regional or sub regional basis.

There is also opportunity for Trusts in the region/sub regions to work together collaboratively on new workforce initiatives going forward, under this workstream.

The programme is currently engaged with all ten iniversities (HEIs) who deliver healthcare programmes commissioned by HEE in the north west.

The six HEIs listed below have delivered Core Skills training to their September 2013 intake and uploaded the training records onto the Core Skills Register for organisations to access and recognise the training when the students go out on placement.

• Edge Hill University
• Salford University
• Cumbria University
• Liverpool John Moores University
• Manchester Metropolitan University
• University of Manchester

We are currently working with the University of Central Lancashire (UC LAN) and Lancaster University so that Core Skills training is delivered to their September 2014 intake and recorded onto the Core Skills Register. We are also in the process of working with Liverpool and Chester University to confirm alignment of their programmes to the UK Core Skills Training Framework.

The Core Skills register currently contains the training records of approximately 4,000 HEIs students.

The Core Skills Programme team are also engaging with 17 Further Education Colleges (FEs) across the North West, the majority of which are NW Skills Academy partners.

The FE colleges listed below are using the HE Cooperative platform for the delivery and assessment of core skills training. These are:

• City of Liverpool College
• Knowsley Community College
• Oldham College
• Trafford College
• KGV College
• St Helens College
• Xaverian  College

The updated 2014 eLite Core Skills education materials are now available to those organisations (HEIS and FEs) who use the HE Cooperative platform. Organisations who use their own Learning Management System need  to contact the Northwest e-Learning Team on 0151 295 3107 or email elearning@liverpoolch.nhs.uk in order to access the updated e-learning material.