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Definition of a complaint

A complaint is an expression of dissatisfaction about an act, omission, decision, or a service provided by us. A dissatisfaction may arise from the actions of a member of HEE staff, or from an area or programme of work that we are involved in.  Complaints provide an opportunity to listen, learn and act on the feedback of our stakeholders.

This policy applies to complaints regarding the following:

  1. How we have delivered a service for which we are responsible and/or the quality of that service
  2. If an act or omission by us has caused, or could have caused, a detriment
  3. The performance or conduct of a member of staff who we employ or someone who we have appointed to perform a role on our behalf
  4. The quality of the education, training or service provided by a body who we have commissioned, or contracted with, to provide on our behalf
  5. A decision made by us or on our behalf by someone we have appointed, commissioned, or contracted with. 

This policy does not apply to the following:

  1. Internal matters relating to employees: it does not take precedence where other policies exist that are best suited to address an issue, e.g. raising concerns at work, grievance procedure etc.
  2. Acts of whistleblowing
  3. Escalation of a concern on an issue about the quality of education and training and learner feedback
  4. Appealing an outcome from any clinical recruitment process that we manage
  5. Hearing and resolving an issue that is presently before Court or is otherwise the subject of live legal proceedings (although this policy may apply once any relevant legal proceedings have ended)
  6. Dealing with matters that are not in our proper jurisdiction
  7. Hearing and resolving an issue that is currently the subject of any formal appeal process(es) (although this policy may apply once any relevant appeal process(es) have ended) 

This is not an exhaustive list of circumstances in which this policy will apply.  All complaints will be assessed on an individual case basis and treated in a consistent, equitable and fair fashion.