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How we will use our money

Delivering quality education and training from initial supply to further development of the workforce has to be achieved within the financial resources provided by DHSC and income from other sources for specific projects.

HEE is responsible for £5.01bn including an additional £250.25m for ongoing cost pressures from expansion that cannot be avoided and meeting £189m to deliver HEE’s contribution to the Government’s manifesto commitments.

Expenditure reflects anticipated activity, national tariffs and local prices, triangulated with expansion plans agreed as part of the spending review. Funding has been increased by £232.8m to accommodate postgraduate changes as we expand GP trainee numbers to 4,000 and uplifts for medical and dental pay awards.

Undergraduate medical and dental expenditure will increase by £45.8m primarily to cover clinical placement fees and additional maintenance resulting from higher student numbers due to

COVID-19 exam measures. Clinical expenditure will also increase by £204m due in part to increased training of Advanced Clinical Practitioners in Mental Health and Primary Care and increased IAPT training. HEE will also invest £168m in supporting CPD across the NHS, an increase of £18m (12%) on last year.

Alongside the postgraduate training increase our education support budget will increase by

£28.2m, £22m of which will fund PCTHs. HEE will continue to reduce running costs with a £3m saving to £60.2m.

This budget provides ‘business as usual’ activities, investment of the priorities of the NHS and discussions continue with DHSC and HMT regarding costs resulting from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on education and training activities.