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Local initiatives across all our regions

Local initiatives across all our regions are based on partnership and collaboration to address local priorities.

  • 31,000 new doctors, nurses and AHPs were made available to the health workforce this year.
  • 90% of learners were positive about their clinical supervision and 89% were positive about their placement education.


New Collaborative critical care programme with 500 multi-media education resources to support critical care surges.

North west

New People Programme, in partnership with NHSE/I, focus on nursing, apprentices, retention, placements, upskilling, new roles and digital transformation to grow and develop local workforce.

North-east & Yorkshire

Recruited 20 new placement providers leading to 26% training growth through new regional clinical placement strategy.


Trusts signed Midlands Charter to recover junior doctor training and new pilots to promote nursing and nursing associates in social care.

East of England

New virtual masterclasses and educator symposia through a virtual learning platform for specialty trainees and a new Psychological Professions Network.

South west

New Endoscopy Training Academy, Multi-professional Generalist School, and Faculty of Advancing Practice.

South east

New virtual reality medicine and surgery; online primacy care; and perinatal mental health simulation training.

“None of HEE’s achievements are possible without our people, our advisory committees, and our partners. We are grateful to them all.”

Sir David Behan CBE, HEE Chair

“Next year will have its own challenges, including recovering from the pandemic and embedding its lessons, but we remain focused on ensuring the NHS has the workforce it needs including key commitments around 6,000 extra doctors in primary care, 26,000 extra primary care professionals, and 50,000 additional nurses.” 

Dr Navina Evans CBE, HEE Chief Executive