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Health Education England exists for one reason only: our vision is to help improve the quality of life and health and care services for the people of England by ensuring the workforce of today and tomorrow has the right skills, values and behaviours, in the right numbers, at the right time and in the right place.

  • Our purpose as part of the NHS, is to work with partners to plan, recruit, educate and train the health workforce.
  • We are people centred, committed to the NHS Constitution, and driven by our values of responsibility, inclusiveness, fairness, and confidence.
  • Our goals are to deliver and reform education to produce the best possible future workforce; to transform the current workforce to meet tomorrow’s health and care needs; and ensure the quality of our education and training system.

We serve...

  • Patients and population
  • Partners and stakeholders
  • Students and trainees

Last year HEE spent £4.341bn directly employing 3,200 people and over 2,500 NHS based educators to support 240,000 students and trainees who will be the future health and care workforce.

HEE operates across all parts of England through seven regions and works in partnership with Trusts, Universities, Primary Care, Integrated Care Systems and others to deliver the NHS’s education and training needs.

In 2020/21 we renewed our purpose, co-created our values with colleagues, and added more ambition to our goals to better play its unique future focussed role.

Our plan on a page showed how we organised our work.