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How we work

At any one time HEE supports more than 160,000 students and trainees whilst working closely with partners across the NHS locally, regionally and nationally on shared priorities. 

We are led by our Chair and Chief Executive, alongside our directors and non-executive directors who form our board. The composition of our Board is made up of our Chair, Chief Executive, six Non-Executive Directors and four Executive Directors: In addition our Board also has non-voting members in attendance comprising of one Associate Non-Executive Director and seven Executive Directors.

HEE’s Board provides strategic leadership and accountability to government, Parliament, and the public. The Board is supported by committees which undertake detailed scrutiny in their areas of responsibility, providing regular reporting, and formal assurance.

The Board is HEE’s senior decision making forum. It has reserved key decisions and matters for itself, including strategic direction, overseeing delivery of the agreed strategy, the approach to risk, and establishing HEE’s culture and values. They are set out in the Scheme of Delegation. Key responsibilities to support its strategic leadership to the organisation include:

  • approving the business plan and monitoring performance against it
  • holding HEE to account for performance and its proper running (including operating in accordance with legal and governance requirements)
  • determining which decisions it will make and which it will delegate to the Executive via the Scheme of Delegation
  • ensuring high standards of corporate governance and personal conduct
  • providing effective financial stewardship
  • promoting effective dialogue with government departments, other ALBs, and stakeholders.

We also have seven Regional Directors who play a major leadership role in the geographies they manage, making decisions on how best to assure and support performance in their region, as well as supporting local system transformation.

We have Local Education and Training Boards (LETBs) that are responsible for the training and education of NHS staff, both clinical and non-clinical, within their area. Our LETBs, which are committees of HEE, are made up of representatives from local providers of NHS services and cover the whole of England. Regional People Boards, established in 2020, currently incorporate the statutory elements of the LETBs to ensure compliance with the Care Act.