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ARCP support for doctors in training

ARCP guidance

For further guidance on ARCPs, visit your Royal College website. Frequently asked questions can be found towards to the end of this page.


ARCP processes and help 

The recording of our latest webinar on ARCPs is show below.


The video below outlines the process for ARCPs (please note this was developed before the Covid-19 pandemic but the processes remain the same)


Will my ARCP requirements be adjusted? If so when will I know?

The Medical Royal Colleges are currently reviewing their Decision Aids to determine if curriculum requirements may be delayed or evidenced differently. These should be published on College websites in the next couple of weeks.


Will my next ARCP go ahead as planned?

Yes, all trainees will need an ARCP this year as planned.


When do I need to have this 1-1 discussion with my TPD? What is the purpose of this discussion?  Is this a compulsory discussion? Will it be recorded anywhere? Will this affect my ARCP?

TPDs will need to facilitate one to one discussions with all their trainees by mid May 2021. Your TPD will decide who will be the most appropriate person with whom you should have this conversation. This may be your Educational Supervisor, TPD or another educator. The purpose is to identify if you have any wellbeing concerns and if so, point you in the right direction for these to be addressed, what you have done and not done during the course of the pandemic so far and the impact on your upcoming ARCP. Trainees are advised to liaise with their Educational Supervisors to set up the conversation.

These conversations are primarily about developing a clear training recovery plan for each trainee. Some of the information will also be used to provide HEE with the information it needs to ensure that appropriate support for training recovery is in place.


I received a COVID outcome at my last ARCP, will this effect my outcome at my next ARCP?

At your 2021 ARCP the progress you have been able to make in the last 12 months will be reviewed. Depending on this progress, and taking into account your previous ARCP Outcome, the panel will recommend the most appropriate Outcome for 2021. This will also take into account what you have been able to achieve and what you are likely to achieve in the next 12 months.

Trainees are advised to review information available on the HEE website and to consult the website of their College.


I have achieved a sufficient ARCP to progress, however I don’t feel confident enough to proceed?

This is the type of topic that should be discussed in your one to one discussion with your trainer and the outcome recorded. There are options to support you in this, such as OOPP. More details can be found on the webpage here


Has my ARCP outcome already been decided?

No, this will be decided against the usual criteria and via the ARCP process that is Covid secure and safe.


Will I be able to appeal the outcome of my ARCP?

Yes, depending on the ARCP Outcome you will be able to ask for a review of an appeal of your ARCP Outcome. The appeals process will remain unchanged this year.


Do I have to make up for last years adjusted ARCP requirements?

The curriculum Decision Aids are being reviewed again for 2021 by Medical Royal Colleges and you will be expected to meet the requirements that they set out. Medical Royal Colleges will be publishing updated information over the next few weeks. If you have not been able to make up the areas identified last year, this will be taken into account in awarding this year’s ARCP Outcome.

I have been unable to take exams due to COVID, can I still pass my ARCP?

Depending on where you are in your training, some of the Decision Aids allow for onward progression even though you still have exams outstanding. In other situations, not having achieved a required exam may mean that you are awarded an ARCP Outcome 10.2.


Training recovery support

This page will be updated to include information and resources to assist with training recovery, including support for one-to-one discussions.

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