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Clinical Scholar Awards

Welcome to the Clinical Scholar Awards, designed by Health Education England in the East Midlands. The Clinical Academic Careers work stream is a series of awards to develop clinical staff outside of medicine and dentistry to follow the HEE/NIHR ICA pathway to a clinical academic career.

Clinical Scholar provides funding and mentoring to frontline healthcare professionals who wish to pursue an academic career alongside their clinical practice. As well as benefiting from 48 days paid release from clinical duties, participants also receive structured teaching to provide clinicians with a basic grounding in research methods, while dedicated academic mentors provide one-to-one support and feedback to help them gain the research knowledge and skills they need to successfully complete their research project.

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  • What awards are available?
  • The benefits of the awards?
  • How and where these awards can be achieved?


The Clinical Scholar Bronze Award

The Bronze award sits at the beginning of the clinical academic pathway and acts as a first step for healthcare professionals who may have an interest in research, but lack the skills or experience to pursue research projects on their own. The next stage of the pathway is a Masters in research. For more information and application form please click here.

The Clinical Scholar Silver Award

The Silver Award is the next step up from Bronze award, this award is designed to help post-masters students to apply for a PhD. This award provides opportunities to develop the role of the clinical academic researcher professionals to improve people’s health outcomes and the experiences they have of their care. For more information and application form please click here  

The Clinical Scholar Gold Award

The Research team have recently launched the Gold Award which supports clinicians outside medicine and dentistry to successfully apply for NIHR clinical Lectureship posts. So far the team has explored how similar support has been given in other parts of the country and how best to implement the Gold Award to support the outstanding individuals in the East Midlands. Application process is now open, for more information and application form please click here.

The Silver Scientist Award

In addition to the above awards, this Silver Scientist award was launched in 2016. This Programme is tailored specifically for Clinical Scientists to support and develop their skills to apply for Higher Specialist Scientific Training (HSST) Programme. For more information and application form please click here.

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