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Academic recruitment

We pride ourselves that our academic training programmes are flexible. This allows us to deliver a balance between research and clinical training that is tailored to your individual needs.

We have clinical academic training opportunities at several levels, offered in partnership with Newcastle University, with its ratings of national and international excellence in many areas of research. Our academic foundation programme is unique in having one third of the two year programme dedicated to research. Our academic clinical fellowship (ACF) programme has one of the highest success rates in the country for securing external PhD training fellowships and we also have a good track record of our clinical lecturers being appointed to senior academic positions.

Whilst we have a requirement to ensure service provision across our training programmes, we continue to be one of the foremost regions in supporting trainees who wish to undertake out of programme research.

Five reasons to choose us…

1 Our high quality research environment

2 A supportive team who really care about you and your career

Flexibility and balance when it comes to organising your research

4 Keen and enthusiastic clinical academics who want you to come and work with them

5 Great lifestyle and wonderful opportunities in the region

2018 ACF Vacancies


Entry Level (s)


Paediatrics / Paediatric Surgery

Paediatrics ST1-3; Paediatric Surgery ST1 commencing in CST


Endocrinology and Diabetes Mellitus / Respiratory Medicine / Renal Medicine



ST1 commencing in CMT   


Obstetrics and Gynaecology  / Public Health Medicine  / Dermatology

O&G ST1; Public Health ST1; Dermatology ST1 commencing in CMT


Clinical Oncology / Infectious Diseases / Haematology

ST1 commencing in CMT   


General Psychiatry / Old Age Psychiatry



Otolaryngology / Ophthalmology / General Surgery

Otolaryngology / General Surgery ST1 commencing in CST; Ophthalmology ST1


General Surgery /Ophthalmology  / Otolaryngology

Otolaryngology / General Surgery ST1 commencing in CST; Ophthalmology ST1


Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery / Urology / Vascular Surgery

ST1 commencing in CST




NIHR Priority Research Theme

Cardiology / Neurology / Renal Medicine

ST1 commencing in CMT   

Platform Science (“-omics”) and Bioinformatics

Old Age Psychiatry/ General Practice / Geriatric Medicine

Old Age Psychiatry ST1-4; General Practice ST1; Geriatric Medicine ST1-3




Public Health ST1; General Practice ST1; Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics ST1 commencing in CMT


Public Health Medicine / Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics / General Practice

Older People and Complex Health Needs

Clinical Pharmacology and Therapeutics / Dermatology / Rheumatology


Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology

ST1 commencing in CMT

Gastroenterology  / Histopathology  / Neurology

Gastroenterology / Neurology ST1 commencing in CMT; Histopathology ST1

Therapeutics or Clinical Pharmacology

General Psychiatry / General Practice

General Psychiatry ST1-4, General Practice ST1

Medical Education

Geriatric Medicine / Cardiology  / General Practice

Geriatric Medicine ST1-3, Cardiology ST1 commencing in CMT, General Practice ST1

Older People and Complex Health Needs

2018 NIHR Clinical Lectureships

Applications are invited for these posts from the disciplines outlined below:

These posts are open to trainees who have completed a relevant higher degree that is a PhD or MD (original research). You must have submitted your thesis by the time of application and been awarded your higher degree by the post start date.


Post Number



Rheumatology or Gastroenterology or Otolaryngology


Neurology or Neurophysiology or Public Health


Trauma and Orthopaedic Surgery or Urology or Medical Microbiology

Clinical and academic job descriptions, clinical and academic person specifications and all related documents are available on Oriel for each vacancy.

ACF applications for commencement in August 2018 open on Oriel at 9am on Monday 9 October 2017 and close at 9am on Monday 6 November.

NIHR CL applications open on Oriel on 16 October and will close at 4pm on Monday 13 November 2017.

For FAQs please see the related documents section below. Please apply for all vacancies via Oriel

Useful links:

Dr Claire McDonald, an academic trainee in geriatric medicine shares her experience;

“The academic career pathway gives me a clear career structure with formal support and advice from senior academics, allowing me to evolve as a clinician and researcher. The programme has trained me to identify clinical problems and look for answers with the long term goal of changing clinical practice.

In my experience, the academic clinical fellowships are very trainee centred. I started an academic foundation programme in hepatology but realised this was not for me. My supervisors were great at helping me find the right speciality and transferred my programmes to geriatric medicine.

The most significant event in my career so far is being awarded a fellowship for a PhD by Age UK and the British Geriatric Society. This would never have been possible without the mentorship of my supervisors.”

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