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Fiona's story

Everyone's journey is different. Fiona takes you through her journey and why she decided to come back to nursing.

Back in 1982 I started my journey to become a nurse, the profession I had always aspired to be a part of. With particular interest in rehab nursing I directed my studies and my career path in that area and developed a real passion for it.

Unfortunately a few years into my career my personal circumstances changed and in order to look after my children I was forced to give up nursing and take on any work that suited my circumstances. When the children grew older and were settled at school I looked for opportunities in the healthcare sector as this is where I felt most at home and I was lucky enough to secure a job as an occupational health assistant. I really enjoyed this and it suited my family life but after a while I needed a new challenge. As I had let my registration lapse I took a different direction and studies business administration at university. Following this I did secure a job in management however that came to an end when the companyceased trading. At that point I was invited back to the occupational health department where I had worked to take up a role as technical instructor.

This was all when I lived in Scotland. When I moved to the north east I applied for a role as a physiotherapy technical instructor on the Hume Unit and was successful. This was a revelation to me – this is how stroke rehab was supposed to work. I loved every minute of it. The nurses were an excellent example of what a rehab nurse should be and I wanted to be a part of it again. I realised that the ward was my natural environment, I felt comfortable and confident there.  A colleague suggested that I should do my return to nursing practice and I jumped at the chance.

The application process for the RTP course was very straightforward. I was nervous when I was selected for interview but everything went smoothly and I was accepted onto the course. I was by far the eldest on the course and I felt as though I was starting my training all over again but once I got back into the swing of it and accepted that things had changed, and improved, it was all very interesting and stimulating.

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