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Neonatal Nursing Preceptorship Programme

Neonatal nurses provide vital care to vulnerable sick and premature newborn babies and play an important role in supporting the parents of the baby at an anxious time.

The programme will help us achieve our vision of a world-class neonatal nursing workforce providing the very best care to newborn babies and their families across Wessex. This quality programme enables nurses to take a step by step approach to building clinical competence, developing confidence and resilience and becoming leaders in their trusts and the NHS. The programme was developed by the multi-professional Wessex Neonatal Network, taking into account the experience of parents, staff and students.

The first year was a Pilot Programme, which started in October 2014 and concluded in October 2015. The programme has been evaluated very positively from all stakeholders. The programme will have 10 mandatory study days each year with Action Learning sets incorporated into the study days. 

In addition Facebook will be utilized as an adjunct to traditional didactic education to facilitate shared learning, peer support and effective communication.

The programme will consist of Preceptees newly qualified nurses [NQN] (Child Branch) and/or novice nurses to the specialty of neonates from within the Wessex Network.
The plan is to have two programmes running over the year to ensure capture of all staff starting within the specialty: October 2015 and April 2016.

Read about the evaluation of the Wessex Neonatal Preceptorship programme in this blog for NHS Employers

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  • Neonatal Preceptorship Competency Framework
  • Neonatal Preceptorship Programme
  • Neonatal Preceptorship Roles and Responsibilities


The aim of the programme is

  • To provide an integral step to improve Preceptee transition and socialisation from student to Newly Qualified Nurse [NQN] and to further build upon knowledge, skills and competence to improve patient outcomes.
  • To provide a logical, sequenced approach to developing not only clinical competence but will help to cultivate leadership skills from the very beginning of their career pathway in neonates.
  • A standardised Clinical Competency Framework underpinned with a formal theoretical programme and orientation to individual units National Health Service [NHS] (Knowledge Skills Framework [KSF] 2004, Royal College of Nursing [RCN] 2012, 2015).
  • The development of shared learning pathways within the multi-professional neonatal team.
  • To provide clear guidance on the role and responsibility, of the Preceptor, Preceptee and the Neonatal Team.
  • Robust Foundation Learning in preparation for career development within neonates.
  • To strengthen professional relationships

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