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Multi Professional Workforce (CPPD)

Continuous Professional and Personal Development (CPPD)

Agenda for Change –  Bands 1-4

The Continuing Professional Development Framework for staff working in bands one to four was developed to ensure that flexible and accredited pathways of learning.  This will enable the development of personal and professional skills and competences.

The framework enables staff to transfer skills between organisations, improve quality assurance, monitoring and enhancement of education provision.

Learning Beyond Registration – Agenda for Change Bands 5-9

The CPPD Framework for Health Education Wessex  includes the following principles:

  • One agreed process and funding allocation for bands 1 – 9 (with a specified expected spend for bands 1 – 4)
  • Trusts act as a collaborative
  • Common learning commissioned from partner education providers
  • Trusts receive funding for non-commissioned education
  • Performance measured against quality indicators.

The benefits of the CPD Framework include the provision of entrepreneurial opportunities for education provider partners, opportunities for partnership working to develop education programmes which are driven by patient/service need, a greater emphasis being placed upon quality and value for money rather than spend and upon an integrated approach for Bands 1 – 9.

We would request that prospective applicants seek managerial support and go through their organisations education and training lead prior to registering with a particular University. Although Health Education Wessex funds course fees, no additional support is provided for transport, accommodation or salary replacement.

The contract for core provision is with named Universities and is linked to the whole University rather than individually named Faculties or Schools. This enables Trusts to access a broader portfolio of development modules under the core contract in future years. The four universities are:

40% of the LBR budget is allocated directly to Trusts as a flexible fund for local prioritisation and decisions regarding education activity. If you work within a NHS provider in the Wessex area you will need to contact the relevant lead in your organisation to check your local process for applying for these funds (start with your local Training Department or similar).

Please note: the Education Commissioning Team do not have any additional funds to support individual enquires so it is imperative that you engage with local processes.


For more information about the CPD Framework for bands one to four and Talent for Care please contact Anna Prygodzicz, Education Commissioning Manager, by email anna.prygodzicz@wessex.hee.nhs.uk

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Leadership Development

Health Education Wessex funds leadership development programmes funded by the Thames Valley and Wessex Leadership Development Academy.

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