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Coaching & Mentoring

Inclusive Coaching and Mentoring offers are available to support staff across the West Midlands to discuss, explore and challenge themselves on a variety of topics.

click here http://coachingwm.hee.nhs.uk/

Coachnet - Inclusive Coaching & Mentoring

Within the West Midlands region, Coaches and Mentors who are registered on coachnet can access the following personal development and support:

  • CPD sessions: Two formal CPD sessions are offered each year to Coaches, with additional ad-hoc sessions planned for both coaches and mentors

  • Supervision: Keeping yourself as a coaching practitioner, and our Inclusive Coaching and Mentoring users safe is really important. One way of ensuring this safety, and maintained professionalism, is through attending formal supervision. We offer 1:1 and group supervision sessions, and all coaches and mentors can access this. It is a requirement of offering coaching and mentoring that all practitioners are up to date with supervision.

  • Knowledge sharing: We post information, articles, links and details of wider coaching and mentoring research and learning, which coaches and mentors can freely access.

Over the coming months, you will find that we are updating Inclusive Coaching and Mentoring to better serve the needs of our users. This includes simplifying login details, making it easier to use as your own CPD porta (logging activities, CPD sessions, reflections and more) and enabling the West Midlands system through personalised Trust-level access, so that coaches and mentors can register to work for their Trust only, meaning that each Trust can use Inclusive Coaching and Mentor as their own database to record coaching activity.


Coaching Culture

Research has highlighted the power of developing a coaching culture, and it’s influence on staff engagement and improved working relationships. We are working across the West Midlands to help organisations develop their coaching cultures, through worksops and also our own regional toolkit to help guide Trusts.

Coaching Network

There is a regional group who meet bi-monthly at St Chads, who’s focus is developing our coaching resources to better serve our system.

To Join this network please email Leadership@wm.hee.nhs.uk



Specialist Mentors

Our region is rich in talented, experienced and knowledgeable people who are keen to offer mentoring to those who want to develop specific knowledge and skills. We are beginning work with some key groups to enhance our mentoring offer, through adding people to our Inclusive Coaching and Mentoring service who are ‘Mentors, with a special interest in…’. Our first focus is senior career development. Watch this space for updates


For more information on Coaching and Mentoring please contact the the team at Leadership@wm.hee.nhs.uk

This Page was last updated on: 30 June 2016

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