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Doctors and Dentists

Trainees are now required to complete formal placement feedback twice a year (once for the GMC National Training Survey in the spring and once for the Yorkshire and the Humber Junior Doctor Survey in the autumn).  Dental Trainees will only complete the Junior Doctor Survey.

The Yorkshire and the Humber Junior Doctor and Dentist Survey is the mechanism by which Health Education England working across Yorkshire and the Humber captures the views of trainees in postgraduate medical education training posts.


The purpose of the survey is to highlight areas where there is both training excellence and concern in order to improve and enhance the quality of the educational programme and environment.

The Trust and Programme outcomes of the survey will be fed into the Yorkshire and the Humber Quality Management process and will be shared with all stakeholders involved in the delivery of medical training.


Following stakeholder consultation, the Junior Doctor Survey has been completely redesigned.

Similar to the GMC National Training Survey, the Junior Doctor Survey is launched annually requesting all trainees complete placement feedback on the post they were occupying on a pre-determined census date (2016 Census date was Monday 26th September 2016). The survey remained live for 5 weeks and survey invitations were sent to all trainees.

The survey consists of core questions that have been closely aligned with the GMC’s Quality Framework requirements determined by the GMC Domains. Junior Doctors will be asked to provide free-text comments regarding their experiences which will be published alongside the overall training location’s results.

The new streamlined survey has allowed the quality team to produce more effective targeted reports and year-on-year trend analysis from 2015.


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