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Digital and Informatics workforce planning and modelling

Key to our work is establishing a workforce planning model for our health informatics workforce – those who work in data, digital, technology and knowledge - so we can understand both our current workforce, the demand for our future workforce and to develop a comprehensive plan to bridge the gaps.

Phase 1: Workforce Planning: 2019

The Informatics Workforce Report (December 2019) provides detail on the size of the informatics workforce currently working in NHS organisations across England and estimates how it is expected to increase by 2024.

The report looks at the composition of the workforce examining its makeup along the lines of gender, age, ethnicity and disability status as well as variation across the country.

The work undertaken for this report is intended to be the first phase of a project in understanding, modelling and planning the informatics workforce. The second phase which is planned for 2020 will focus on modelling and planning the informatics workforce in the health and social care sectors.

Phase 2: Modelling and Planning 2020

During 2020, we have 4 key projects planned to deliver:

  1. A labour market analysis of the digital and informatics workforce.
  2. Scenario planning workshops using the Royal Society of Arts (RSA) 4 Futures of Work methodology (Completed May and June 2020). This work enabled the development of the methodology and toolkit determining the future workforce – Demand Forecasting.
  3. Demand Forecasting (FutureNHS account needed to view) for the future informatics and digital workforce in the NHS (September 2020).  
  4. All three of these outputs will be used to develop a comprehensive workforce plan (Q4 2020/21) with a plan to further engage with the wider system to develop and deliver Phase 3 in 2021, to set out policies and mechanisms in attempting to meet the demands made on this workforce in terms of size and skills required.


PDF icon The Data Domain: Summarising how Digital Readiness is supporting and developing the data team and developing the profession in 21st century health and care.pdf

This paper, supports defining ‘data’ as a priority specialism in health and care and a summary of the projects and collaborations that the Digital Readiness programme are delivering to ensure that the data workforce can support the delivery 21st century health and care data (2020/21).