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Radiographer Enhanced, Advanced and Consultant Practice

The Richards Review (2020) and the Long Term Plan (2019) have signalled a need for significant expansion in imaging services, this is exacerbated by the COVID recovery work. Radiography is a major part of this expansion and remains a priority workstream for 22/23.

Knowledge and development around advanced practice in radiography is evolving with the enhanced level of practice currently being developed alongside the multi-professional consultant level education and training frameworks.  Work within this agenda need to be undertaken in collaboration with the College of Radiographers and the HEE Centre of Advancing Practice to ensure robust governance around the accreditation of practice at these levels.

The national cancer and diagnostic programme have identified key deliverables in 22/23 that support the upskilling of the radiographic workforce to operate at an enhanced, advanced and consultant level of practice. 

The three-year vision

  1. HEI engagement and availability of tailored programmes that support radiographer development through enhanced, advanced and consultant levels of practice
  2. Improved sustainability through increase in the number of dedicated apprenticeship programmes at all levels
  3. Centres of excellence established that align with specific areas
  4. One linear process for advanced practitioner accreditation through the (supported) e-portfolio route via SoR
  5. A (supported) e-portfolio route with SoR for consultant practitioner accreditation


  • Enhanced – training grants through regions for upskilling radiographers to an enhanced level of practice.
  • Advanced – increasing the number of opportunities for advanced practice radiographers to apply for accreditation with the HEE Centre of Advancing Practice
  • Consultant – develop a clinical framework


Find out more about Advanced Practice Accreditation for Radiographers by watching the following webinar.



You can email us at: diagnosicsprogramme@hee.nhs.uk to find out more about this programme.