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For Students

Are you looking for support to get into paid employment?

Are you looking for real hands on work experience?

Are you motivated to work hard to get experience to find a paid job?

Female student in NHS staff uniform, holding buckets and cleaning equipment in hospital ward.

Why choose Choices College?

Choices College is a College which provides an employability and supported internship course that teaches you important work skills and finds work opportunities for you to try that suit your interests.

We want to help you to succeed in the work place.

Our staff support you through the process of finding jobs that you are interested in and also develop your confidence with work place skills.

What does the Supported Internship Course look like?

Work Experience support

  • Support is organised through your school.
  • Choices College Work Experience Leads will meet with you to talk about what kind of work experience you want to do.
  • They arrange different placements.
  • Work Experience placement times will be organised with the school and placement providers.

Supported Internship Support

  • Your Area Manager will meet with you before you start the course to discuss interests and what you would like to learn.
  • You will need to attend a 2 week induction to prepare for first work placements
  • Choices College finds and organises up to three, 12 week placements over the academic year.
  • Education days will be one day a week and you will complete an Employability Certificate and continue to study maths and English skills if you need it.
  • All our support is tailored to the Intern, with planned education and placement transitions. Please let us know what you need.

Apprenticeships and Alumni Support

Once you have finished the supported internship course, you are able to get support to apply for jobs, apprenticeships or any additional support you might need to succeed.

Please keep in contact if you need any more support.


To join Choices College you must meet each of the following eligibility criteria.

  • Live within one of our current Local Authority Partnership areas (see our locations)
  • Be aged 16 – 24 years
  • Have an approved and active Education, Health and Care Plan

Please note:

Your Education, Health and Care Plan needs to be approved and active with your host Local Authority in order for us to accept your application.

If you are unsure please call your Local Authority and advise them that you would like to attend a Choices College.

If we are not yet in your Local Authority area, or are nearby to a current Local Authority, please contact us as there might be something that we can do to support you.

To find out more about the Choices College, course detail and our policies here.

How to apply

To apply you need to complete an application form.

This can be done online or you can request a hard copy by emailing England.Choices.College@nhs.net.

If you are unsure or would like to speak to someone about applying, please find the details of your local Area Manager here.

Online Application Form

Please note, when applying online you cannot save the form and return later. The online form needs to be completed in one sitting.