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Dementia Training Standards Framework

This Framework was commissioned and funded by the Department of Health and developed in collaboration by Skills for Health and Health Education England in partnership with Skills for Care. In 2018, a review of the original ‘Dementia Core Skills Education and Training Framework’ was undertaken, led by the original project partners.

The Dementia Training Standards Framework is an extraordinarily useful resource which details the essential skills and knowledge necessary across the health and social care spectrum. Three tiers are described:

  • Awareness, which everyone should have;
  • Basic skills which are relevant to all staff in settings where people with dementia are likely to appear and;
  • Leadership.

The recent update and review included a number of additions regarding food, drink and oral health. We are confident that this framework will help guide a more efficient and consistent approach to the delivery of dementia training and education. 

This framework will help ensure quality and consistency in dementia education and training if you are an organisation or an individual working in health, social care or housing.

The framework will allow the differentiation of high quality services, ensure personalised care and support for people living with dementia, and support organisations and individuals to meet requirements of regulators. Access the framework here: 

You can download the Dementia Training Standards Framework from the Skills for Health website. 


Managing success in dementia care

Managing Success in Dementia Care, has been developed to support leaders and managers working across health and social care to implement the learning outcomes of the Dementia Training Standards Framework. It is designed to support managers and others responsible for training within organisations to identify resources they can use to deliver education and training activities at tier 2 (core skills and knowledge for people who regularly work directly with people living with dementia).