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Study leave online management system

The Accent Leave Manager System, currently in use across certain Health Education England (HEE) regions, is being rolled out nationally to support the approval of leave requests for NHS organisations with complex processes.

The system offers many potential benefits including:

  • No lost applications
  • Full audit trail
  • Significant timesaving through automation of the process
  • Reduced backlog of tasks
  • More equitable trainee experience across all Trusts

With the help of Accent Leave Manager, the system is put at the centre of the admin process, supporting a paperless, streamlined experience no matter where someone is in training across England.

A shared electronic system offers Schools, programmes and Trusts detailed insights into how study leave is being used, can monitor approval times where appropriate, and obtain detailed insight into how popular certain courses are to allow smarter use of funding. 

To learn how the Accent Leave Manager System can benefit both learners and employers, we have recently produced a helpful guide covering benefits and planned roll out of the software. 

Look out for the launch of Accent Leave Manager, due to be rolled out across HEE and trusts in a staggered approach from August 2022 to April 2023.

You can view the helpful video tutorial below: