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The pandemic response required healthcare professionals to respond to change on a system level and to work, learn and communicate across traditional boundaries. The initial rapid changes have led to a focus on more long-term population needs, for which healthcare professionals must both acquire new and enhance existing generalist skills as an integral part of their professional development.

We have built upon the findings of the Future Doctor co-created engagement programme which was set in the context of the multi-professional team and the successful implementation of previous Medical Education Reform Programme (MERP) initiatives to embed generalist skills within medical and wider healthcare education.

We are developing an interwoven multi professional development offer to enhance current medical specialty training and the training and education of the multi-professional team. The educational offer is being delivered through regional trailblazers, aiming to embed generalist skills early in training, supporting the doctors and the multi-professional team to feel confident in meeting the ever changing and complex demands of the healthcare landscape.

Programme aim

The Enhancing Generalist Skills programme will support the next generation of clinicians to work effectively across health and care:

Jigsaw graphic showing how the aims of the enhancing generalist skills educational offer interact


We have been working with our partner and a wide stakeholder and subject matter expert group to develop an educational infrastructure and programme handbook to support the delivery of the programme. We carried out:

  • “Light touch” thematic analysis of published, policy and grey literatures to identify work that articulate the programme’s aim and purposes
  •  Development of programme outcomes, cross referenced with the GMC’s Generic Professional Capabilities
  • Construction of a framework with domains and learning outcomes to structure delivery and personal development
  •  Workshops with subject matter experts on each domain to develop detailed guides for learners, faculty and organisations – together forming a handbook

General Professional Capabilities (GPCs)

The General Medical Council (GMC) require that generic professional capabilities (GPCs) are embedded in all medical specialty and undergraduate curricula

GPCs are woven through all aspects of the Enhancing Generalist Skills programme educational framework

Our framework focuses on what is distinct about this programme, in terms of added value to learners, organisations, systems and most importantly, patients and populations

We have created generic contextual capabilities to describe how these areas of learning link GPCs with specialist capabilities outlined in all core and higher medical curricula 

The 6 domains of the Enhancing Generalist Skills programme are:

  • Person-centred practice
  • Complex multimorbidity
  • Population health
  • System working
  • Social justice and health equity
  • Environmental sustainability

The Enhance programme also has 4 cross-cutting themes or “golden threads,” considered core to the ethos and delivery of the programme:

Graph showing general professional, contextual, and social capabilities. Capability is the ability to integrate and apply multiple compentencies... in novel complex and changing circumstances. Neve and Hanks, 2016.


To support the delivery of the educational offer we have developed a detailed handbook which outlines:

  • The background to and vision for the programme
  • The overarching structure, domains and learning outcomes
  • How programme participants and faculty can deliver, experience and evidence learning to meet the programme’s outcomes