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Genomics education

Understanding how our genome – our complete genetic code – influences our health can mean better diagnoses, leading to new and targeted treatments, and even predicting and preventing disease. The NHS is paving the way towards equitable access to genomic medicine across the country. But how can health professionals develop the knowledge and skills to embrace its potential?

Our Genomics Education Programme was founded to deliver the learning and development necessary to enable both current and future NHS professionals to harness the power of genomic medicine for patient benefit. Educating a diverse, 1.5 million-strong workforce requires a flexible, dynamic approach, drawing on best practice across healthcare, education and digital technology.

Genomics is not tomorrow. It’s here today. I believe genomic services should be available to more patients, whilst being a cost-effective service in the NHS. This is exciting science with the potential for fantastic improvements in prevention, health protection and patient outcomes.

 – From Generation Genome, the Annual Report of the Chief Medical Officer

The genomic revolution is critical to the personalisation of healthcare, to the prediction of disease, and the prevention of disease. That’s why we will make sure that we train not just our current workforce but our future workforce in the skills they need to be able to respond.

 – Professor Ian Cumming OBE, Chief Executive, Health Education England

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Genomics Education website

The programme has been set up to ensure staff in the health and care system have the knowledge skills and experience to keep this country a world leader in genomic and precision medicine.

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Taught courses

Master’s-level education framework developed to support workforce transformation across the health service with funded places for NHS staff.

Taught courses
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