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Getting involved

40. I am expert with lived experience, can I be involved?

We need experts with lived experience of autism or learning disability to help deliver the training. You can watch out for organisations looking for people to train as co-trainers or contact your local Oliver McGowan team. If you are unsure who to contact, you can ask your regional contact by visiting the express an interest webpage.

41. Can I be involved in delivering Oliver's Training as an experience as a volunteer, rather than being paid to be involved?

We are keen to involve as many and varied voices of people with a learning disability and autistic people as possible. If people want to volunteer their time to do this that is great. 

In the interests of co-production and to meet the requirements of the Equality Act 2010 employers must not discriminate against a person in their employment arrangements or the terms of their employment amongst many other things Equality Act 2010 (legislation.gov.uk).  As such learning disability and autistic co-trainers should be remunerated for their time associated with training activity with no distinction made to levels of pay because the person has a learning disability or is autistic.

This does not prevent someone volunteering to be involved.  It means that an employer’s need to make sure they do not discriminate by using volunteers to fill roles that would otherwise be undertaken by someone as paid employment.

Anyone volunteering and receiving benefits should consider the relevant guidance about volunteering and the difference between volunteering and unpaid work. Volunteering and claiming benefits - GOV.UK (www.gov.uk)

42. I am a carer or family member, can I be involved?

Carers or family members can be involved as trainers and supporters of the experts with lived experience. They might also be able to undertake a facilitating trainer role, depending on their experience and knowledge.

Importantly, family members and carers who do not have a learning disability or who are not autistic cannot take the place of expert co-trainers who have a learning disability or who are autistic in co-delivery of the training.

Tier 1 training requires a facilitating trainer and the live contribution of 2 experts with lived experience: 1 autistic person and 1 person with a learning disability, as a minimum.

Tier 2 training is delivered in 2 parts, learning disability, and autism. Each requires both a facilitating trainer and the presence of an expert with lived experience of the relevant subject, as a minimum.

43. How can experienced training providers get involved?

Training providers with specialist knowledge and experience in delivering learning disability can contact their Integrated Care Partnership to explore how they might be involved in the delivery of The Oliver McGowan Mandatory Training on Learning Disability and Autism.

To submit your interest, you can find the contact details to get in touch with the team rolling out Oliver’s Training in your Integrated Care System by visiting the Express an Interest webpage. .    

44. I have completed an expression of interest, when will I be contacted?

Many organisations and areas are still developing their plans for rolling out the training and are not yet at the stage where they are recruiting trainers. It may be a little time before job opportunities are advertised, but the Integrated Care System team should provide updates. Please do not worry if you have not received much information yet.

You can check that your details have been recorded by emailing the Integrated Care System team. You can find the contact details to get in touch with the team rolling out Oliver’s Training in your Integrated Care System area by visiting the Express an Interest webpage.

45. I have completed my approved trainer training, but I haven't received my certificate, can I still deliver Oliver's Training without it?

It is important to wait for the certificate before you advertise or start training. We publish details of approved trainers on our webpages. Once you receive your certificate and trainer number the people you work with will be able to check online and see you are an approved trainer.

46. How long does it take to receive a certificate and gaining access to the trainer resources after completing my approved trainer training?

After you have successfully completed your training the lead trainer will recommend you for approval to NHS England. NHS England will send you a letter within 14 days of receiving the recommendation. The letter asks trainers to complete a form with their details. Within 14 days of receiving the completed form NHS England will send you a certificate with your trainer number and invite you to join the FutureNHS online Oliver McGowan trainer platform where you can find the latest training materials and guidance. These are the maximum timescales – the team strive to send letters and certificates within a few days

47. How can we champion and support Oliver's Training?

NHS England wants to work with partners who can raise awareness of Oliver’s Training and ensure the health and social care staff complete it. As a result, NHS England will soon be launching an employer champion pack. Please check back on this webpage.

The pack is intended to be used by health and care employers and their communication teams as well as those leading on Oliver’s Training e.g., learning and development leads, chief people officers.