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National Wound Care Core Capabilities Framework for England

The framework describes the required skills, knowledge and behaviours to improve wound care in three clinical areas (Pressure Ulcers, Lower Limb and Surgical Wounds).

This new England-wide multi-professional framework sets out the knowledge and skills needed by all levels of the health and social care workforce to deliver high quality, consistent wound care across all settings, improving healing rates and patient outcomes.

The National Wound Care Core Capabilities Framework for England has been designed by a multi-professional team and for a multi-professional audience, to be a single, consistent, and comprehensive foundation that will underpin the highest standard of wound care, so that anyone with a wound receives the treatment they need, no matter the setting or location.

The Core Capabilities Framework identifies and describes the skills, knowledge and behaviours required to deliver high quality, person-centred, wound care and the Core Capabilities are described in three tiers - practitioners working in a health or care settings, may move between these tiers depending on their role, setting or circumstances.

Chronic wounds are a significant burden and can impact greatly on a person’s quality of life, it is crucial that every health and care practitioner has the knowledge and skills to provide people with wounds with the right care, wherever they are.”

Professor Mark Radford, PhD, RN and Chief Nurse of Health Education England and Deputy Chief Nursing Officer for England. 

The purpose of the framework is an overarching one, which does not replace the need for pre-existing publications that provide guidance for care of single wound types, specific professions, or levels of practice, but rather builds on them. 

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