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Community Pharmacists

Community pharmacists are being offered a range of fully-funded, flexible training to expand your clinical skills and improve patient care. Courses currently include:

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Flexible training tailored to your skills, experience and individual learning requirements. Complete the gateway module in Structured History Taking in approximately 1 hour online, followed by one or more specialist modules of either:  

- Paediatrics 

- Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT): *NEW free otoscope webinar*

- Cardiology

- Dermatology two-part module: 

     - Wound Care 

     - Skin conditions 

More information on each module is available here.

Optional in-person, practical training sessions are also available.

NHS funding will cover all course fees. 

LIVE NOW: ENT, Cardiology, Paediatrics and Dermatology


Training to support patients from diagnosis to prescribing, providing advice and follow-up, and preparing to provide clinical care.

NHS funding will cover all course fees.

Cohorts available in October 2023, January, February and March 2024

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New, flexible, fully funded training to help those in educational supervision roles, including Designated Supervisors (DSs) and Designated Prescribing Practitioners (DPPs).

- Community pharmacists can apply for the educational supervisor training.

- Any independent prescriber can apply for the DPP training.

NHS funding will cover all course fees.

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