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Quality - Our current work

Our current work

November 2020

Central to HEE’s approach to managing the quality of healthcare education and training is its Quality Strategy.  First published in 2016, HEE’s Quality Strategy underpins its multi-professional standards for healthcare education as outlined in the HEE Quality Framework, as well as its guidance for local teams as presented in HEE’s Quality Handbook.  At the outset, HEE explicitly undertook to regularly refresh the Quality Strategy and accompanying documents in recognition of the ever-changing landscape of education and training and the wider context within which it takes place.  The COVID-19 pandemic, and lessons learned, has also brought into focus the opportunity to reflect on, and clearly articulate, HEE’s role in the quality assurance and quality management of clinical learning environments. 

With the support of, and in conjunction with, regional and local teams and other colleagues across HEE work is underway to review and update the Quality Strategy and Framework with refreshed versions, due to be published in Spring 2021.

Multi-professional clinical supervision

Alongside the HEE Quality Strategy and Framework update, HEE is working collaboratively with system partners to develop and implement a strategy to support multi-professional clinical supervision. This work is timely, as we recognise the need to build capacity within the system to support workforce expansion and recognise that healthcare is delivered in a more multi-professional environment. The focus of this work will be to support capability and capacity within the workforce; achieve national consistency, including terminology; develop principles for multi-professional supervision and those that provide it; develop a mechanism for monitoring implementation and improvement; and support multi-professionalism within the workplace. Outcomes of this work will include a robust implementation plan, curation of training and current provision for supervision, gap analysis, a set of principles to support multi-professional supervision, common language, and educational resources and tools.

The outputs of this work will also align with the refreshed Quality Framework and new NHS Education Contract. This work will progress in four phases, including stakeholder and system engagement, and testing is planned for Spring 2021.