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Advisory resource

Health Education England inherited a number of national, profession specific, stakeholder groups when it was created. These groups have met on a fixed basis, usually quarterly, and have provided HEE with advice on the development of its workforce strategy and planning. Recent evaluation of HEE’s advisory group arrangements has demonstrated the benefits of programme and project specific advice and ongoing focused inputs at key points. This approach enables flexible feedback, minimises duplication and provides a more targeted and effective engagement strategy for HEE.

This new way of working has allowed HEE to close most of its previous standing advisory groups whilst retaining the expertise of group members through their involvement in the new arrangements from 2017.

HEE’s advisors will still provide their expertise and support to HEE and the four national NHS Chief Professional Officers for dentistry, pharmacy, healthcare science and Allied Healthcare Professionals.

The Medical Education and Training Forum (previously Medical Advisory Group) and the Stakeholder Forum for Public Health (previously Public Health Advisory Group) continue to meet.

Our Patient Advisory Forum remains in place and meets quarterly.

Contact us at PAF@hee.nhs.uk to find out more or let us know you would like to get involved.

We’re immensely grateful to all the stakeholders and patients involved in our various advisory activities. HEE is committed to removing barriers to participation and works on the overriding principle that no individual should be out of pocket where they are providing patient and public voice to HEE. HEE’s Executive Board has agreed levels of payment for patient and public voice activity in HEE, with the aim of providing a flexible framework which HEE staff can use as a guide for appropriate levels of payment for specific activity and engagement, including general patient and public voice and local/national expert patient and public voice partners.