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Opportunities from the Primary Care Schools

28 September 2023

The South West General Practice (GP) Training Programme welcomes interest in our schemes which include opportunities for training in a variety of top-rated, by the 2023 National Training Survey, for Secondary Care and Community.

based training including GP placements. Opportunities for scholarships and fellowships are also available in Education, Leadership, Public Health, Research and Global Health. In addition, the school offers access to a dedicated Performance and Exam Support Team and an active approach to promoting Equality, Diversity and Inclusion (EDI), and reducing Differential Attainment.

Welcome to the UK Practice in the south west

Developed in association with the General Medical Council (GMC), this is a day provided for NHS naïve Doctors in Training, with a focus on training in the south west and an opportunity to discuss the challenges and differences in UK training as well as support present.

General Practice IMG Induction Day

A specific face-to-face GP induction day has been developed to provide the opportunity to network and support our international doctors in training, recognising that the transition to UK general practice can be challenging and mentoring through this to reduce differential attainment.

This initiative was developed by fellows and focus groups, creating an editable form with information about learning and wellbeing for the doctor in training to take to their first Educational Supervisor (ES) meeting. Feedback has been positive ‘’It helped my ES to understand me better… …not just clinical but personal and how you work best”.

A vast variety of resources include a south west IMG network, a handbook for south west training and an updated website with videos, information and support.

We work closely with our secondary care colleagues and Associate Dean for EDI, Mr Eng Ong, to deliver equitable training and support across the south west. This includes identifying an IMG Lead in each trust to provide support where required.

Our EDI Training Programme Director, Dr Silvana Romero Brown, has been providing support and training for Educational Supervisors and Faculty. This has helped to shape cultural change providing an inclusive and supportive learning environment and she is continuing to develop resources to support trainers in primary care to ensure our doctors in training continue to receive the best training possible.

A programme of Exam and Consultation skills intensive support for identified ‘at risk’ doctors in training, many of whom are IMGs due to their different training and background outside of the NHS. This programme has delivered support to over 300 Doctors in Training and has received excellent feedback “As an IMG, it felt that this extra support has helped me pass the Recorded Consultation Assessment (RCA) first time’.