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Values Week: 12 - 18 October 2020

NHS Values Week was due to run from 29 June – 05 July 2020. 

Due to the current pandemic, we postponed the original celebrations of NHS values week to focus our efforts on the fight against Covid-19. From 12 - 18 October 2020, we will be asking our own people what the NHS values mean to them and sharing some of these with you. 

If you'd like to use our Values Week resources, you can find these below. We hope to bring a bigger and better Values Week back to the whole of the NHS in 2021. 

Get in touch with us at comms@hee.nhs.uk with any queries or for more information.

Share your values – get involved in Values Week 2020

We’re taking part in this year’s NHS Values Week from 29 June to 05 July. Values Week gives us the opportunity to celebrate and showcase the common principles that guide our actions, behaviours and judgements, which ultimately result in the delivery of outstanding patient care.

Our organisational values are: [INSERT OR DELETE AS NEEDED]

The overall values of the NHS, as set out in the NHS Constitution, are:

- Working together for patients

- Compassion

- Respect and dignity

- Improving lives

- Commitment to quality of care

- Everyone counts

You will also have your own personal values that are important to you, or follow professional values, such as the 6Cs of nursing and midwifery, or the five values of the General Medical Council.

We’re getting involved in NHS Values Week by holding events and sharing our activity on social media, using the hashtag #livingtheNHSvalues, and we’d like you to get involved. Let us know what values are most important to you and how you bring these to life in your work.



The campaign hashtag is #livingtheNHSvalues. This year we’ve added in NHS to the hashtag to differentiate it from other organisations using last year’s hashtag.

Sample posts:

We’re celebrating #livingtheNHSvalues next week. What values are most important to you?

It’s day one of #livingtheNHSvalues week. Follow us to see what we’re getting up to and share what values are central to you

Let us know how you’ve seen the NHS values being brought to life #livingtheNHSvalues

How are you and your colleagues #livingtheNHSvalues?

What does #livingtheNHSvalues mean to you?

Share your pledges of how you are #livingtheNHSvalues this week and beyond

As #livingtheNHSvalues week comes to an end, what have been your highlights?

How would you like to see us #livingtheNHSvalues in the services we provide?

We’ve suggested some potential activities for Values Week below – by no means exhaustive! We’d love for you to share your plans and inspire others by tweeting us @NHS_HealthEdEng and using the hashtag #livingtheNHSvalues.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

- Blogs and vlogs by your teams and individuals

- Enter HEE’s creative competition (being launched in March)

- Activities which bring the values to life in practical ways, e.g.

   - office staff shadowing clinical staff and vice versa

   - visits by assistance dogs and sign language demonstrations

   - patient representatives sharing their stories

   - talks by charity partners

   - picnics or other social events to bring different teams together

   - inviting schools and communities in to visit premises

Values Week logo

We’ve created a logo for you to use in your communications and on social media. Download the Values Week logo.

Pledge card

Download the Values Week pledge card below for staff to write their own pledge on how they are living the values. We’d love you to share photos of staff with their pledge cards using #livingtheNHSvalues and tagging us @NHS_HealthEdEng.


Let us know how you get on! We’d love to hear how Values Week went for you so please complete the following metrics and send it back to us at comms@hee.nhs.uk. Feel free to add further measures to the list. 

This will help us to evaluate the campaign and share your successes.

- Number of events held

- Number of staff participating

- Number of patient and partner organisations involved

- Engagement on social media