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Community Education Provider Networks (CEPNs)

Community Education Provider Networks provide a focus for multi-professional communities of educational practice in local geographies and local leadership in the development of high quality, locally-tailored education and training for staff in primary and community care.

Primary care in the future will need a new system of coherent, locally managed but centrally assured educational governance eventually encompassing all training and education in primary care. Our introduction of Community Education Provider Networks (CEPNs) is the start of that development.

Definition of CEPNs: CEPNs are a group of primary and community care organisations that come together as a group of like-minded providers to collaborate with regarding workforce, education and training and create an education network.

Key Function: CEPNs will support the delivery of a workforce capable of meeting the needs of a local population’s health and improve clinical outcomes.

Membership: CEPNs membership includes GP practices, community service providers, HEIs, community pharmacists, dentists, optometrist, and Acute trusts.

    Benefits arising from this development will include:

    • Increased training capacity; training the workforce needed for the service locally in partnership with local Trusts and Universities

    • Support for the development of multi-professional education

    • Improved educational governance and commissioning arrangements


    • Development of real-time primary and community workforce data to support planning

    • Enhanced clinical and educational outcomes through the use of peer review

    • Education and training more closely tailored to the needs of local communities and more likely to be aligned to service commissioners’ needs

    Significant challenges include the need to ensure appropriate provision for educationally under-privileged professional groups such as community nurses, community pharmacists, and emergent practitioner groups (such as healthcare navigators and health champions). CEPNs offer an opportunity to support the development of these groups whilst seeking to expand capacity and capability for more established professional groups.

    In particular, the opportunity to work with universities, workforce partnerships, local secondary care providers and the GP School to align the funding and commissioning of education for primary care is a central aim. Our aim is to implement a single educational governance arrangement suitable for all professional groups in primary care.​

    If you would like more information about CEPNs please contact the team on primarycare.eoe@hee.nhs.uk or view the 'Who are the current CEPNs?' document to see where your nearest CEPN is.

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