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Foundation level dementia awareness training

Our Skills Development Strategy (SDS) sets out the strategic workforce and education interventions required to support providers of NHS services in Kent, Surrey and Sussex to deliver excellent patient centred care.  The SDS dementia programme aims to help to deliver part of the Department of Health’s mandate for dementia education and training by developing and delivering the skills required by staff providing NHS care to patients and their families to enable them to live well with dementia.

The objectives of the SDS dementia programme are to commission work complementary to the existing education and training funded by HEE to:

  • Ensure staff have assessment and diagnostic skills so that people with dementia benefit from early diagnoses
  • Ensure those looking after people with dementia have support and training to provide excellent care
  • Develop supportive and effective on-going care planning and care management skills from diagnosis to end of life care.

To ensure delivery of these objectives, we are inviting all trusts, CCGs and NHS funded healthcare organisations in our region to contribute towards meeting regional targets. We can provide financial support to help enable and support local delivery and evaluation of Foundation Level Dementia Awareness training to NHS funded, patient-facing staff. The training familiarises staff working with patients affected by dementia with recognising and understanding dementia, interacting with those with dementia and to be able to signpost patients affected by dementia to appropriate support. The learning outcomes are:

  • Awareness – understand symptoms, recognise signs, and address challenging behaviour.
  • Knowledge – types of dementia, differences between dementias and other mental health conditions.
  • Communication – appropriate communication skills with patients, families and carers and awareness of needs to enable them to provide safe, dignified and compassionate care.
  • Person centred care – sign posting to advice and guidance, medication awareness, capacity and consent, impact on families, compassionate care.

Staff who could benefit from Foundation Level Dementia Awareness training will differ according to an organisation’s focus, but as examples could include:

  • Nurses on general medical and surgical wards
  • Porters, security staff at an acute hospital
  • Receptionists and HCAs at a GP practice
  • Allied Health Professionals in the community
  • General practitioners
  • Paramedics

We have now completed the commissioning of foundation level dementia awareness training. Over 89% of eligible organisations have applied and the KSS region is on track to meet national mandated targets by March 2015.  Each organisation will complete an evaluation which will feed into the national evaluation.  Many thanks to all who are contributing to the foundation level dementia awareness training programme.

For more information, please contact SDS Dementia Programme Manager, vhare@kss.hee.nhs.uk.







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