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All health and social care staff involved in the care of people who may have dementia to have the necessary skills to provide the best quality care, in the roles and settings where they work. This was to be achieved by effective basic training and continuous professional and vocational development in dementia. The delivery of this objective was through Department of Health workforce strategies recognising and taking on board the implications of the dementia strategy.

The 2015/16 Department of Health Mandate to Health Education England stated that, “to improve the care of people with dementia, all NHS staff that look after people with dementia will go through a dementia awareness programme (Tier 1 dementia training). Tier 1 training is being backed up with more in-depth training of expert leaders and staff working with people with dementia.”

Dementia awareness training is being led nationally by the Health Education England team in the south west.

Dementia Core Skills Education and Training Framework

The Dementia Core Skills Education and Training Framework was launched on 29 October 2015 and led by Health Education England with Skills for Health and in collaboration with Skills for Care. Details the essential skills and knowledge necessary across the health and social care spectrum, via three tiers described as 1 – awareness (which everyone should have); 2 – basic skills (which are relevant to all staff in settings where people with dementia are likely to appear) and; 3 - leadership.

Dementia e-learning programme

The dementia e-learning programme is now available through e-Learning for Health. The programme consists of three sessions in Module 1 which acts as an introduction to the topic and a further seven sessions in Module 2. An eighth session in Module 2 will be added in January 2016. The three sessions in Module 1 are also available on the ‘open access sessions’ page on the website, so can be accessed without the need to register to login. All the updated sessions will become available on the National Learning Management system. Please be aware that the old sessions are still available to access on the system but under the heading ‘Retired Courses’ – this is because learners may still need to submit their activity records on those sessions. These Retired Courses will gradually be removed.

The resource has been developed by e-Learning for Healthcare in partnership with University of Bradford and a range of experts.

Dementia roadmap

The Dementia Roadmap provides high quality information about the dementia journey, alongside local information about services, support groups and care pathways to assist primary care staff to more effectively support people with dementia and cognitive impairment, their families and carers.

House of memories and the my house of memories app

This December, National Museums Liverpool are launching the #AMemoryShared campaign, to raise awareness of sharing memories with our friends, families and those we care for. Christmas is an ideal time to sit down with someone you love or care for to have a chat, create a special moment and share some memories to help enrich the lives of people living with dementia.

Why not share your stories, memories and special moments with through @house_memories using the hashtag #AMemoryShared. For more information please see National Museums Liverpool's blog.

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