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Stakeholder engagement

As part of our engagement with Community Education Provider Networks (CEPNs) we hold regular development days, inviting stakeholders from higher education institutions alongside health and social care organisations and providers across primary healthcare. The development days provide opportunities for delegates to network and also share learning and best practice across the CEPNs. Previous topics at development days have included patient involvement, engagement with education provision. and the local workforce action boards. Scroll down the page and look at the related documents section, to access the programmes of the previous development days.

Our regular newsletters are a helpful reference guide, containing links to useful documents, discussions and tools to remind our stakeholders about upcoming events and deadlines. The spotlight section provides short stories to share learning across the twelve CEPNs in south London. Look at the related documents section, at the bottom of the page for past newsletters.

A world cafe session at the London and South East CEPN development day on Monday 1 Feburary 2016


14 April 2016 CEPN Development Day

Sixty-four delegates from the south London CEPNs and HEE South London funded projects attended the CEPN Development day on Thursday 14 April 2016.

AM session

Liz Maddocks-Brown, Senior Manager  and Georgina Hamill, Faculty and Networks Programme Manager from the Sustainable Improvement Team, NHS England facilitated an impressive diagnostic session helping the CEPNs to analyse their networks effectiveness using  tools such as the network scorecard and the network maturity matrix which details the eight dimensions for a successful network:

  • Purpose and direction
  • Governance and structure
  • Leadership and Facilitation
  • Knowledge capture and reuse
  • Integrity and vitality
  • Learning and improvement
  • Impact and value
  • Sustainability and renewal

What do you plan to do differently following the event?

“Use the network health scorecard”

PM session

The afternoon captured just twelve of the many innovative projects taking place in the health and social care sector across South London. The event closed, exploring the existing and future possibilities around digital health. 

“Digital health is likely to dramatically change the way we work, especially across primary healthcare.”

Innovative Project

Contact details

Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network


Malik Gul, Director of Wandsworth Community Empowerment Network           



Croydon Voluntary Action

Asset-Based Community Development            

Paul Macey, Community Development Manager


Team-up Project

Jess Lainchbury, Team-up Project lead, HEE South London

Mixed Educators Group        

Scoping Project         


Natasha Hoare, GP and Bromley CEPN Clinical lead


Primary Care Mental Health (Kingston)

Dr Ian Walton, Clinical Lead for the Sandwell Primary Mental Health Hub


Phil Moore, Project Lead


Primary Care Navigators (PCN) Lambeth

Jack Lewin, Project Manager

NHS Lambeth GP Federations


Greenwich ‘Get Ready’ Centre for apprenticeships

Ro York, Project Manager Greenwich CEPN


Lambeth Local Authority/ Lambeth CEPN Apprenticeships Collaboration          

Amit Patel, Project Manager, Lambeth CEPN


Undergraduate Pipeline Project        


Dr Sumera Angus, Darzi Fellow/ GP

HEE South London


Digital Health – delivering the dream

John Paul Maytum, MBE, Adviser to the Chief Scientific Officer for England


DigtalHealth.London Accelerator programme

Anna King, Commercial Director, Health Innovation Network (HIN)



Yinka Makinde, Programme Manager, DigitalHealth.London


Geriatric educational podcast (MDTea)

Jo Preston, Geriatrician, Surrey & Sussex Healthcare NHS Trust



Feedback from the event

“The presentation from the Wandsworth network was very thought provoking in terms of the way that they have trained individual members of community groups in psych counselling - really thinking differently from the main-stream way of doing things.”

What do you plan to do differently following the event?

“We will carry out a scoping exercise of local 3rd sector organisations who may be able to help us in the future.”

Contact  Sharon.Kelly@hee.nhs.uk for more information and outputs from the event.


30 June 2016 CEPN celebration event

The grand surroundings of the Queen Anne Room at the University of Greenwich world heritage site was a fitting location for the first south London CEPN celebration event on 30 June 2016.

We celebrated twelve initiatives by the south London CEPNs, which demonstrated how they are transforming the workforce and improving the health and wellbeing of their local populations.  There was a real emphasis on education coordination and delivery as well as the importance of strong nurse leadership to deliver this.

Lewisham CEPN closed this section of the event by presenting their efforts to consolidate training and resources for leg ulcers, which resulted in improved patient care, patient satisfaction and 24k cost savings. 

South London  CEPN Wall of Fame, 2016

Richard Summary, HEE South London Chair, Aurea Jones, HEE South London Director and Nav Chana, Chair of National Association of Primary Care (NAPC) awarded the CEPNs on their fantastic achievements so far.  

Ariadne Siotis, Senior Programme Manager was also recognised for being instrumental in the emergence and delivery of the south London CEPNs.   

  • Greatest impact on patient care - Lewisham CEPN
  • Best CEPN ambassador - Marilyn Plant
  • Best inter-professional learning initiative - Bromley CEPN
  • Best newcomer - Tara Humphrey
  • Best network newcomer - Kingston CEPN
  • Most inspirational CEPN leader - Debbie Brown
  • Best sustainability funding campaigner - Geoff Berg
  • Population health approach to workforce development - Croydon CEPN
  • Most inspirational CEPN - Richmond CEPN
  • Networker of the year - Amit Patel
  • Outstanding example of collaborative working -      Bexley CEPN, Greenwich CEPN, University of Greenwich & Oxleas NHS FT
  • Outstanding example of collaborative working - Merton CEPN & St George's University of London
  • Lifetime achievement (network) - Richmond CEPN
  • Lifetime achievement - Jim Fenwick
  • Best example of cross boundary working - Sutton CEPN
  • Most innovative approach to using workforce development funding - Southwark CEPN
  • Enabling the development of CEPNs - Kings College London
  • NAPC most innovative CEPN award presentation     - Wandsworth CEPN

Contact  Sharon.Kelly@hee.nhs.uk for more information and outputs from the event.


22 September 2016, CEPN Development ½ Day

This was the first of many ½ day CEPN Development events.

The day was a great success and the CEPNs welcomed the updates on changes within Health Education England; the current context of the NHS and the opportunities highlighted in the General Practice Forward View (GPFV).

The overview of the likely workforce priorities from the south east and south west London Sustainability and Transformation Plans (STPs) led to round table discussions amongst the forty-three CEPN project, medical and nurse leads; CCG leaders; Higher Education Institution (HEI) leaders and Darzi fellows. The two groups (south east and south west London) were facilitated by Alison Smith, Head of Workforce Transformation and Vicky Finch, Workforce Transformation Programme Manager, to help the CEPN leads to become more involved with their Local Workforce Action Boards (LWABs).

The delegates received rapid updates about the changes to education funding for healthcare professionals and in particular changes to the nursing bursary funding; an update on the new Nurse associate role; the impact of the apprenticeship levy to non-levy payers; and a reminder about collecting placement data and the support available from the quality and commissioning team.

King’s College London introduced their training and evaluation framework and the Collaboration for Leadership in Applied Health Research and Care South London (CLAHRC) advised how their evaluations to date showed that south London CEPNs were making a difference to the primary care and community workforce and encouraged the CEPNs to continue championing education and training as part of primary care workforce transformation and expand their networks.


30 November 2016, CEPN Development ½ Day

This jam packed CEPN Development ½ day took place on Floor 29, Tower Wing at Guys Hospital. We welcomed, Carmel Blackie, Associate Professor, Primary Healthcare and Community Nursing to talk about the importance of the nursing workforce, particularly in times of change. Delegates received a progress update about the non-clinical career pathway, which is being tested by Primary Care Navigators in three (now five) CEPNs.

The fifty-one delegates also heard about the opportunities to harness work experience opportunities and support the widening participation agenda to encourage more diversity in the primary care workforce.  To round off the event, Aileen Jackson from the Health Innovation Network, approached the CEPNs to collaborate on diabetes treatment and care funding opportunity.


4 April 2017, CEPN Development ½ Day

From Here to Eternity

Fifty-nine delegates attended the 4 April 2017, Development Day and feedback on the day included, “always fantastic to see everyone. This is as important as patient relationship building.”

The twelve south London CEPNs and stakeholders, explored opportunities for collaboration across their south east and south west London Sustainability Transformation Plan (STP) footprints and discussed ways to become more involved with their Local Workforce Action Boards.  

A series of presentations from nurse leaders were delivered in the second part of the ½ day session highlighting the education and training opportunities available, to support career development in the nursing workforce across Primary Care. We eagerly await NHS England’s ten point plan for nursing based on the recommendations made in, The General Practice Nursing Workforce Development Plan, published in March 2017 by HEE.


























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