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Dementia awareness training

The National Dementia Strategy was launched in February 2009. It set out the workforce requirements to attain an informed and effective workforce for people with dementia.

All health and social care staff involved in the care of people who may have dementia to have the necessary skills to provide the best quality care in the roles and settings where they work. This was to be achieved by effective basic training and continuous professional and vocational development in dementia. The delivery of this objective was through DH workforce strategies recognising and taking on board the implications of the dementia strategy.

In June 2013, Health Education England awarded Lead LETB status to Health Education South West (HESW) to deliver its national project on foundation level dementia training to ensure:

  • that 100,000 staff have foundation level dementia training by March 2014
  • to work with stakeholders to develop concrete plans by autumn 2013 for a rapid roll-out, so that all NHS staff that look after patients with dementia will receive foundation level dementia training
  • to work with Higher Education providers (HEIs) and regulators to ensure that newly qualified staff receive foundation level dementia training

All LETBs now have signed-off dementia training roll out plans. Common themes are:

  • Currently dementia training is delivered variably in hospitals and in other care settings, particularly primary care and social care
  • All LETBs have plans to support dementia training within primary care and the care sector
  • HEE are supporting roll out plan delivery by allocating £75,000 to each LETB

Next steps:

  • National launch of the Tier 1 dementia training roll-out plan by the end of March
  • Commence collaboration and sharing of best practice through joint work with NAPC and Alzheimer’s Society
  • Quality assurance work to kite-mark the large number of education resources currently available
  • An Accelerated Learning Event for Dementia Leads on 18th/19th March to agree Tier 2 and Tier 3 plans
  • Agreement on a national portal for dementia training and resources to ensure the sharing of good practice and resources

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