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Benefits and challenges of CEPNs

The membership of CEPNs can include, although is not limited to, GP surgeries, community pharmacies, community dentists, community optometry, community service providers, acute providers and HEIs.

Some of the key benefits of CEPNs include:

  • multi-professional education;
  • streamlining educational governance and commissioning arrangements;
  • real-time primary and community workforce data; and
  • enhanced clinical and educational outcomes through the use of peer review.

Most importantly, education and training is more closely tailored to the needs of local communities and more likely to be aligned to service commissioners.

We know that one of the greatest challenges to developing the local healthcare workforce is the need to ensure appropriate provision for groups that have traditionally received less training once they have qualified. Community nurses, community pharmacists and emergent practitioner groups (such as healthcare navigators and health champions) are among these groups. CEPNs offer an opportunity to support the development of these groups whilst seeking to expand capacity and capability for more established professional groups.

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