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Community Education Provider Networks (CEPNs)

Working collaboratively to set up CEPNs in each Sustainable Transformation Plans (STPs) and footprint.

The potential of community based networks to identify workforce and training needs and to respond and deliver on these, is recognised by Health Education England (HEE) as being an important step in sustaining and transforming primary and community care.

The establishment of eight networks is being driven by a joint Health Education England and West of England and South West Academic Health Science Network (AHSN) collaboration and in the longer term it is intended these networks become self-supporting and directing.

The eight networks are; BEMS (Bath and North East Somerset), BNSSG (Bristol, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire), Cornwall, Devon, Gloucestershire, Somerset, Swindon and Wiltshire.

Specific progress is being made towards developing the infrastructure and delivery of project plans across all CEPNs although at different rates. Some examples include:

  • The BNSSG CEPN has appointed a clinical lead and managerial lead, funded via the CEPN funding allocation.
  • BEMS CEPN has appointed a respiratory pharmacist as a 6 month pilot to work across 4 practices. The CEPN has also developed a GPwSI dermatology service.
  • Cornwall CEPN have PGP development programmes set up in 24 practices, Introduction to leadership and management course and retirement workshops delivered and are carrying out initial development work on National Framework Practice manager and receptionist education.
  • Devon CEPN is at the scoping stage and specification for an educational portal and has completed a draft framework for the implementation of Health Navigation training.
  • Gloucestershire CEPN has established clinical pharmacists in general practice.
  • Somerset CEPN have delivered planned education activities in this period and established a year programme of network commissioned and organised education activities.
  • Swindon CEPN and CCG: practice nurse database has been developed, ‘Swindon Area Primary Care Network’ electronic platform developed; CEPN and Swindon GP Education Trust initiative advertising jobs and also educational and support activities.
  • Wiltshire CEPN and Swindon CEPN collaborated on a joint event with GP trainers/supervisors which explored opportunities of working on education/training across practices.

Highlights of the past few months are:

  • The GP LEETs have been supporting CEPNs, particularly in investigating communication channels and sharing and learning across the patch. The SW AHSN Models of Care e-platform is being considered as an option and CEPNs are currently being surveyed for their views on this.
  • Specific progress is being made towards developing the infrastructure and delivery of project plans across all CEPNs although at different rates. Some examples include: The HEE National Training Hubs meeting held in Bristol during November showcased the progress of the CEPNs across the whole of the South West. AHSNs involvement in facilitating CEPNs was identified as the best practice model for other areas of England.
  • The working group for the Practice Managers Competencies and Training framework has met to finalise the SW Adaptive management and leadership model for General Practice and South West Practice Management Core Competency Framework Toolkit.
  • 40 people have participated in the SW CEPN Learning Series to date. Highlights were; a session about creating a network for care homes providers in November and a session on the role of integrated clinical pharmacists in general practice in December. Recordings of the sessions can now be accessed.  

Dr Andrew Eynon-Lewis, Head of Primary and Community Care Education delivered a CEPN presentation at the south west Stakeholder conference held on 1 March 2017. The slides can be accessed below.

For more information on the South West project, please contact Magdalena Wood, Regional Project Manager at the SW AHSN.

For more information on the West of England project, please contact Sian Jones, Primary Care Programme Lead, at West of England AHSN.

This Page was last updated on: 14 March 2017

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