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Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and West Berkshire (BOB)

We are supporting the work across the Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and West Berkshire footprint.

The Buckinghamshire Oxfordshire and West Berkshire (BOB) Sustainability and Transformation Plan (STP) area is supported by a Local Workforce Action Board (LWAB) and is co-chaired by:

  • Pauline Brown, Local Director, Health Education England Thames Valley
  • Neil Dardis, Chief Executive Officer, Buckinghamshire Healthcare NHS Trust

The LWAB membership consists of Board level representatives from provider Trusts across the STP footprint, Skills for Health, Local Authority and a representative from Skills for Care.

The BOB STP priority workstreams are:

  • Acute Services
  • Digital Transformation
  • Mental Health
  • Prevention
  • Primary Care
  • Specialised Commissioning
  • Urgent and Emergency Care
  • Workforce

The LWAB oversees the delivery of BOB STP workforce workstream. This workstream consists of three main projects:

Improving Workforce Value Project - this is aimed at delivering the development of shared bank staff across the system, joint strategic framework for overseas recruitment and the development of common terms and conditions targeted at staff recruitment and retention. The programme consists of three projects:

  • Development of a joint bank workforce data platform
  • Grade Equalisation project
  • Workforce Retention project


Support Workforce Development Programme - this programme is targeted at developing, recruiting, retaining and training integrated support workforce across the BOB STP footprint. The programme consists of three projects:

  • Acute and Emergency Support Workforce development
  • Support Workforce Competency Framework Development
  • Support Workforce Good Practice Repository

System Leadership and OD Capabilities Programme - this programme is aimed at delivering Leadership and OD interventions that will create shifts in mindsets, behaviours and leadership skills required to deliver STP objectives. The programme consists of the following projects:

  • Design and delivery of a suite of STP Engagement and Development Workshops for BOB STP and LWAB.
  • Development of a first-line leadership and management programme across BOB STP.
  • Analysis of NHS system Leadership/OD/Workforce plans
  • Creation of a BOB STP Leadership and OD Leads community
  • STP Talent Management and Succession Planning Research
  • Provision of Action Learning Set to support BOB STP Quality Service
  • Improvement Redesign (QSIR) programme with Action Learning Sets.

To enable coherent discussions, planning and implementation of workforce elements of all BOB STP priorities, BOB workstreams, Senior Responsible Owners have been invited to join the LWAB as Associate Members. Board level representatives from Local Authorities across the footprint are also being sought to enable system-wide engagement and leadership.

We provide a range of health, social care and primary care workforce baseline datasets and intelligence, including hotspots and agency spends to inform planning and decision making. We also provide programme management support to enable LWAB to manage its funded workforce development initiatives using known project programme and benefits management methodologies to ensure coherent delivery outcomes.We are also offering workforce planning, modelling and transformation capacity building opportunities to partner organisations across the system.

The LWAB has approved funding to support implementation of the BOB STP workstream projects.

Projects that are being supported are:

  • Embedding Making Every Contact Count (MECC) across STP
  • Maximising use of Apprenticeship for recruitment, retention and staff development
  • Delivery of Quality Service Improvement Redesign (QSIR) training programmes
  • Delivery of Integrated Health and Social care across BOB focusing on needs of Acute and Emergency Care support workforce
  • Development of urgent and emergency care interface and skills competency framework
  • Recruitment of Endoscopy Project Manager for BOB STP Endoscopy workstream
  • Recruitment of Project Manager to coordinate delivery of the STP clinical rotas project.

In addition, project work is being undertaken to identify workforce elements and initiatives aimed at delivering BOB STP priority areas.

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