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Dementia Education in Wessex

Health Education England - Wessex has published an ambitious strategy to provide better care and outcomes for people with dementia through high quality education and training for health and care professionals.

The strategy sets out plans to train 100% of the patient facing NHS workforce in dementia awareness, with a milestone of 80% trained by March 2015. There are also plans to train 50% of the clinical workforce in extended skills, and 15% of the workforce in specialist skills.

Enabling through education and training: A strategy to support better care and better outcomes for people with dementia (you will find the file in the Related documents section below) was developed through extensive consultation with  health and social care providers and commissioners across the NHS and general practice, local authorities, voluntary sector and with eduation providers.

Dementia is most commonly associated with older people. As the population ages and we are living longer it is a disease that we are becoming increasingly familiar with in our day to day lives. It is likely that most of the workforce providing health and care to adults will come into contact with a person who has dementia, a carer, or a family member of someone with dementia.

Part of the rationale for the strategy is that better awareness and communication skills for health and social care staff can lead to early diagnosis. This means that people with dementia will have more timely access to support services such as memory clinics and be more prepared on how to manage difficult symptoms.

Education and training is the key to giving health and care staff the skills and confidence to providing better care for people with dementia, and supporting  families and carers.


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