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Student and Learner Studying and Placement top tips

Managing everyday life whilst studying:

  • Plan Plan Plan! Plan out the year so you can see when you’re on holiday/theory/placements.
  • Remember you can say no! People understand that a career in health is time consuming, and you need breaks.
  • Set realistic expectations. You can’t do it all and at times, things may have to give.
  • Access support, there is lots available, and make sure you talk to your friends and colleagues too.
  • Be kind to yourself, prioritise you and your own well-being. 

Studying/University advice:

  • Get involved – there are many councils, societies and activities to get involved in.
  • Don’t be afraid to try something new!

Placement top tips:

  • Placements allow you to spend time with service users, so make the most of this! You will learn the most from them.
  • Never be afraid to ask questions! You’re there to learn, so help yourself in doing this. No question is a bad question.
  • Be flexible and adaptable, go in with an open mind and you’ll have some great experiences!

These top tips have been created by current students.

Student and learner studying placement top tips