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Advancing Practice - Taking Centre Stage

Health Education England’s national conference for advanced practitioners was held online as a virtual event on Monday 9 November and Thursday 12 November 2020.

Thank you to everyone who took part in our conference this year. Although we missed the opportunity of seeing you all in person, we still savoured the opportunity to co-create and share our work with our community was hit right on target. 

We are and continue to feel so proud by our community's ongoing engagement with this agenda, your enthusiasm was plain to see; all 1,000 conference places were taken in the first couple of hours, with an additional 700 people on our reserve list and over 800 people registered for our online workshops. 

Over the two days, 1,094 delegates joined us for the 19 live sessions. Our interactive, online workshops received 2,381 contributions, and our poster competition received 341 votes. 

The conference was a combination of live and pre-recorded sessions; all pre-recorded videos and recorded live sessions are available below.  


Beverley Harden, Allied Health Professions Lead, Health Education England

Supervising the developing advanced clinical practitioner/trainee
led by Deborah Harding,
Associate Professor and Director for Workforce Development at the Centre for Allied Health, St George’s University of London

Video introduction

We will be sharing the Centre for Advancing Practice supervision guidance and addressing frequently asked questions with a panel of colleagues from across the advanced practice community.  We aim to support colleagues to identify how to use the guidance to support the development of robust supervision for advancing practice in their own settings.

Supplementary information:

Workplace Supervision for Advanced Clinical Practice: An integrated multi-professional approach for practitioner development
Launched on Thursday 21 November 2020, Workplace Supervision for Advanced Clinical Practice provides practical and comprehensive guidance for workplace supervision of trainee Advanced Practitioners. It draws on an array of resources and advice, setting out clear pathways for both the trainee and supervisor. 

Continuous Professional Development
led by Ian Setchfield, Acute Care Nurse Consultant, East Kent University Hospitals Foundation NHS Trust

Video introduction

You have will have an opportunity to hear the key messages form the Advanced Practice  CPD strategy, specifically regarding CPD requirements for the Centre of Advancing Practice and be able to assist in the co-production of the document.

Developing multi-professional credentials
led by Ollie Phipps,
Senior Lecturer and Consultant Nurse and Dr Richard Collier, Lead for Centre for Advancing Practice, Health Education England

Video introduction

During this workshop we will ask you to feedback on four key questions;

What criteria should be developed to ensure HEE funds those credentials that respond to patient and service need?

How does the criteria avoid duplication of learning tools and credentials?

How can we ensure value for money in the credential development process?

What standards must the credential meet?

Centre for Advancing Practice
led by Dr Richard Collier, Lead for Centre for Advancing Practice, Health Education England

Video introduction

During this workshop, you will have the opportunity to discuss and feedback on progress to date with the Centre and to provide ideas about future direction. The Centre is developing quickly, being responsive to current policy drivers and the challenges of the current pandemic. To date we are developing structures and processes involved in recognising Advanced Practitioners, Accrediting Advanced Practice Programmes and Developing Credentials; your input into progress to date and to the future direction of the Centre will be valued.

led by Professor Joy Conway, R
esearch Lead for the Advancing Clinical Practice agenda, Health Education England

Video introduction

You will hear about some of the research funded by HEE relating to Advanced Practice and have the opportunity to discuss research issues. Capturing evidence for Advanced Practice is crucial. You will be able to assist in the co-production of the research strategy for the next years. You will be able to suggest ideas for research funding, help us to identify how HEE can best assist clinicians to have research as an active part of the clinical lives and help us to identify barriers to conducting and disseminating research. 

Creating a core capability framework across advancing practice to standardise education delivery and practice
led by Annabella Gloster,
Senior Lecturer, Programme Lead Advanced Clinical Practice, University of Salford and Ollie Phipps, Senior Lecturer and Consultant Nurse

Video introduction

We will be sharing the analysis from the Conference 2019 which has informed the development of this piece of work. There is the opportunity to engage in further discussions to ensure wider engagement to ensure this is fit for purpose. The aim to produce a core curriculum which will underpin all advanced clinical practice capability frameworks and curricula.

Developing consensus for the pathway from Advanced Clinical Practice to Consultant Practice
led by Professor Kim Manley CBE, Emeritus Professor, Practice Development, Research & Innovation, Canterbury Christ Church University
and Professor Robert Crouch OBE, RN, PhD, FRCN, FRCEM (Hon), University Hospitals Southampton and University of Southampton, UK

Video introduction

Having completed the multi-professional consultant practice capability and impact framework, the developmental pathway from advanced clinical practice to consultant practice is now the focus. A Delphi study is being used to clarify the capability and impacts expected at three stages in the career pathway:

the threshold for becoming a consultant practitioner from Advanced Practice;

at three years into consultant practice, 

at three – five years.

Findings to date will be shared with the intention of developing greater consensus for the provisional findings and further insights from workshop participants.


Supplementary information: 

Multi-professional framework for advanced clinical practice in England

Multi-professional consultant-level practice capability and impact framework

Acute medicine

Ollie Phipps, Consultant Nurse in Acute Medicine, Senior Lecturer Advanced Practice, Canterbury Christ Church University

Learning disability and autism

Rebecca Chester MBE, Consultant Nurse for people with learning disabilities BHFT and Chair United Kingdom Learning Disability Consultant Nurse Network

Mental health

Dr Gwyn Grout, Independent Consultant Nurse and Programme Lead HEE Advanced and Consultant Advanced Level Practice
Rebecca Burgess-Dawson, Clinical Lead
Emma Wilton, Programme Delivery Lead

Older People and Communities

Esther Clift, Consultant Practitioner & HEE LEL PCN
Dr Gwyn Grout, Independent Consultant Nurse and Programme Lead HEE Advanced and Consultant Advanced Level Practice
Jo Jennings, Orthogeriatric ACP-Simulation and Clinical Skills Lead

Primary care

Amanda Hensman-Crook, DipPhys, Msc, FCSP, HEE AHP National Clinical Fellow and Consultant MSK Physiotherapist
Julia Taylor, Clinical Adviser HEE Primary Care Team


Claire Sutherland, Associate Dean Interprofessional Learning, HEE East Midlands and Senior Professional Advisor – ACP, HEE National team


Beverley Harden, Allied Health Professions Lead, Health Education England

Q&A Panel

Dr Richard Collier, Lead for Centre for Advancing Practice, Health Education England
Beverley Harden, Allied Health Professions Lead, Health Education England
Jan Zietara, National Programme Lead – Advancing Practice, Health Education England
Elaine Jenkins, Development Lead for the Independent Portfolio Route
Suzie Normanton, Development Lead for Programme Accreditation



Presented by:

Sue Hatton, Registered Senior Nurse
Kate Read, Deputy Dean for Education and Performance


Presented by:

Lisa Hughes, Deputy Head of Workforce Transformation 
Laura Leadsford, Head of Allied Health Professionals for London
Francisco Soares, Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Barts Health NHS Trust
James Doolin, Senior Advanced Clinical Practitioner, Barts Health NHS Trust


Presented by:

Orlando Hampton, Portfolio Manager
Felicity Begley, Workforce Transformation Manager

North East and Yorkshire

Presented by:

Julie Perrin and Linda Crofts, joint Regional Faculty Leads for Advanced Practice for the North East and Yorkshire (from January 2021)

North West

Presented by:

Mike Burgess, Workforce & Education Transformation Lead for Lancashire & South Cumbria
Julie Barrett, Workforce and Education Transformation Lead (Cheshire & Merseyside)
Sarah Ellis, Lead Employer Services Programme & Contract Manager/ Advancing Practice Faculty Programme Lead
Libby Sedgley, Regional Education Management Lead

South East

Presented by:

Sarah Goodhew, Faculty Lead
Devon Puttick, Stakeholder Engagement Lead

South West

Presented by:

Christina Doncom, Associate Workforce Transformation Lead
Lisa Munro-Davies, Associate Postgraduate Dean for Workforce Transformation
Joseph Frances¸ ACP lead, Chief Operating Officer and Chief Clinical Information Officer (Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly)