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Patient and carers' information and resources

Our patient population sit within the heart of the development of the roadmaps. The roadmaps are co-produced, and feedback from patient groups and individuals with lived experiences have been instrumental in shaping the primary care AHP educational pathway.

The information and resources highlighted in this section ensure that our patients' voices are heard; providing a toolkit with links to patient groups, the personalised care institution and resources on how to co-produce. 

 “Just like many other people, I have experienced good and safe healthcare, but I have also experienced poor and unsafe healthcare. Therefore, it is important that the healthcare professional I see will have undergone rigorous training and assessment.

I believe that the introduction of the new First Contact Practitioner and Advanced Practice Practitioner Standards will go a long way to achieving this. The standards set are high. Importantly the standards have been co-created with patients.

People with lived experience of the healthcare system have had their thoughts and views embraced throughout the development process. They have been able to challenge proposals and put forward ideas of their own. I know this as I have been one of those patients. 

The Co-production of these standards has helped make them powerful for both clinician and patient alike … I cannot adequately put in words how important this is for me.”