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Benefits of staff in later careers supporting students in practice

Through focus groups with learners and AHPs in their late careers, the following have been identified as perceived benefits of individuals in late careers supporting practice-based learning.

Benefits to learners

  • Additional pastoral support
  • Access to a variety of clinicians with a range of skills and experience
  • Provides students with an additional resources to have discussions, caseload reviews and reflection.
  • Allows students to speak to other healthcare professionals from other specialities.

Benefits to employers

  • Retention of staff with vast experience, knowledge and skill
  • Could provide additional team capacity to provide learning opportunities
  • Students who receive a quality placement will consider employment within the organisation.

Benefits to AHPs in late career

  • Opportunity to pass on their knowledge and skills
  • Develop mentoring and coaching skills that could be used both in and out of the NHS
  • Provide a transitionary period for staff who are considering retirement.

Benefits to education providers

  • More resources and support are available to students on placement
  • Increased capacity to support learners in practice
  • Opportunity for education staff to consider providing practical support in organisations to increase placement capacity
  • Potential to increase learning opportunities in voluntary and charitable organisations as part of role-emerging or arms-length practice-based learning.