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Student feedback from Cardiff University

Feedback regarding the introduction of retired Occupational Therapists as mentors on current educational courses: Postgraduate Diploma Learners (First Years 2020), Cardiff University

‘I guess that they could still play a big role in supporting us as they were recently an OT, will have much experience. A lot of our lecturers haven’t practiced in years’.


‘I think this is a great idea. Maybe like an additional personal tutor/buddy/supervisor type role? But more like an informal supervisor’


‘Sounds good, it was useful for me talking to my educator in placement as it provided a different perspective from lecturers and academia. This could do something similar but throughout the course- in a more casual way’


‘Really agree possibly in a supervision type format would be so beneficial maybe even small group supervision, fab idea’


‘I completely agree because it could give us the foundation for doing supervision in placement’


‘I think it would be a great idea. My educator helped clarify what is actually important to be an OT’


‘I think it’s a fab idea as others have said, it provides a different perspective to those that are lecturers. It would also be useful as it would give us some piece of mind that asking questions isn’t interfering with their caseload and therefore encouraging us to ask questions’


‘Think this would be super helpful just to conceptualise our theoretical learning in the lectures to the practical setting……plus always helpful to dispel any myths and make it more realistic to how this information would fit into practice’


‘Yes agreed, would be so helpful to understand theory in practice and what to perhaps focus more learning on’


‘I agree with all of the above and think it would be good if they came from different areas of OT. E.g. Paediatrics, hand therapy, neuro-rehab’


‘I agree with everyone, it would be good to have continuous supervisor/mentor who is up to date with current practice/settings/NHS stuff as we might not always keep in touch with our educators! Also, they could help us think about after the course/advise with job applications’