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The CapitalMidwife Programme has been developed in response to the growing need to apply ‘once for London’ solutions to the challenges faced by over 6,000 midwives who make up the London midwifery workforce. These challenges include staff shortages, increased workloads, retention of staff and policy changes.

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As part of our work, we are developing a range of products to enable London midwives to develop and grow throughout their career. By developing a framework to be used across London, we can ensure that our midwives are supported wherever they live and work.

Every London Midwife is a CapitalMidwife and should be valued, respected, listened to and supported to reach their full potential.  

For general enquiries, please contact england.capitalmidwife@nhs.net

We have committed to engage, involve and collaborate with systems, organisations and individual midwives; and will bring the workforce together to celebrate midwifery, share ideas and best practice, and promote midwifery as the profession of choice.

Download the CapitalMidwife word cloud.

The CapitalMidwife programme is supported by a steering group and membership includes midwives and other key stakeholders from across London.

The programme is accountable to the CapitalNurse board.

CapitalMidwife was established in April 2018 by the regional maternity lead for London, chief nurse for London and the programme director for CapitalNurse and is jointly sponsored by Health Education England, NHS England and NHS Improvement.

The CapitalMidwife Programme is developing a range of products to enable midwives to progress in their careers, and deliver excellent care.

Midwifery skills passport

Throughout 2018/19 CapitalMidwife worked with an expert midwifery panel to develop a midwifery skills passport. The aim of this passport is to increase the flexibility and efficiency for midwives to work across London providers without having to undertake what is sometimes seen as repetitive training whenever they begin working for a new trust.

The 12 midwifery skills you will see listed within our year one passport are those skills our group of experts felt were essential for midwives to be competent at and where applicable to receive annual mandatory training updates. Documentation and verification of training within the passport should negate the need for doing the same training within a new trust.  

The CapitalMidwife passport document enables a midwife working in our capital to keep an up-to-date record of their professional development – identifying where training has taken place and where additional reassessment or updates are required. It is easily accessible and simple to use, meaning midwives can take their passport wherever they go. This tool is for midwives to record essential skills, supporting professional development, continuous quality improvement and safe effective practice. You can access the skills passport, which you can download and use as your own personal record of your skills. At this time the skills passport is for your personal use only, with the longer term aim of enabling you to transfer/ work in other organisation without repeating your mandatory midwifery skills training.  

Year two of this programme has helped us understand what the next steps for the CapitalMidwife passport looks like to realising our primary, longer term aim.  

Going digital: We do understand that a paper-based document is less transferable across employing organisations than an electronic record. We are now exploring potential digital solutions with our partners in the CapitalNurse programme and we will keep you updated on progress.  

Standardised midwifery competency training: Through further engagement with London’s midwifery workforce we now understand that there is variation in how the training within these 12 midwifery skills is delivered across London's maternity services. We are proud to have been asked to work with the National Maternity Transformation Programme about how we can support the standardisation of midwifery mandatory skills training across the capital, and the value this will add to the portability of the passport. We will also keep you informed as this work moves further forward.  

We are happy to support midwives and trusts across London with the implementation and the standardisation of the skills passport within their organisations or their local maternity system (LMS). Any feedback received will inform the document refresh in March 2020.  

Preceptorship programme framework

CapitalMidwife is developing a preceptorship programme framework which is designed to ensure that all London midwives have the skills and confidence they need as they begin their midwifery career.

The preceptorship programme framework is being developed in partnership by midwives working in education and practices across London, as well as through input from student midwives, to meet the needs of London midwives.

Newly registered midwives will have access to a range of tools and support aimed at building on the skills they developed during their training. The preceptorship will be a useful guide for the capital’s maternity services that are responsible for developing their own workforce.

You can access the preceptorship framework. We welcome the support of midwives and trusts across London to implement the preceptorship framework within their organisations and any feedback received will inform the document refresh in March 2020.

For further toolkit resources to enhance your learning, please visit the CapitalNurse webpage.  

Midwifery workforce survey

The CapitalMidwife Programme is working in partnership with Kings College London to produce a midwifery workforce survey to better understand the experience and challenges faced by midwives in the capital. We want to hear from London midwives directly so that we can ensure their voices are heard and will be used to inform future CapitalMidwife activities.

The survey results are expected later this year. Please check back here for updates.

The CapitalMidwife programme is working collaboratively with midwives, organisations and other stakeholders. We would love to hear your thoughts on how you think CapitalMidwife can support the midwifery workforce across London.

I’d like to work with CapitalMidwife

If you have any projects or ideas around how we can continue to support midwives across London, please contact england.capitalmidwife@nhs.net

The CapitalMidwife brand

Using the CapitalMidwife brand can help to enhance and support your work or recruitment efforts and highlight them to the wider midwifery workforce. 

If you’d like to use the CapitalMidwife brand to support your work, please email england.capitalmidwife@nhs.net to apply.

Join in the chat

Follow us on Twitter @CapitalMidwife and use the hashtag #CapitalMidwife. Please tweet us with your comments, ideas and questions.

General enquiries

For any general enquiries, please email us at england.capitalmidwife@nhs.net