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Ella and Abi film

‘Ella and Abi’ is a positive, behaviour-change drama, which when used in a developmental context, can help facilitate conversations about how we can work together to improve nurses’ working lives and encourage them to stay on career paths in the Capital.

The story is based on the actual, lived experiences and reflections of being a nurse in London, developed through focus groups with 120 nurses. As understanding builds of why nurses choose to leave their jobs, it is clear that working conditions and culture are significant factors. ‘Ella and Abi’ holds a mirror to behaviour in our professions and prompts thinking and discussion about how we can change things to be at our best to create joy at work for nurses.

Watching the film, you will walk in the shoes of a nurse new to London and recognise their journey, as well as that of their colleagues in the team. We believe that the issues raised are universal to nursing. The primary aim is to create a platform for debate around the issues of nurse retention, but ultimately it is a celebration of the compassion and skill at nursing’s heart.

This is not a promotional film.

Introduction to the Ella and Abi film

Watch this short video introducing the CapitalNurse Ella and Abi film, and why it was created, from Chris Caldwell the CapitalNurse Programme Director, and Chris Godwin the film director.

You can also download the introduction film here

Why and how should I use the film?

Watch this short video of some nurse leaders across London talking about why and how they want to use the Ella and Abi film to support nurse retention.

You can also download the support video here

Additional resources

CapitalNurse has developed a series of resources to support preceptor development which can also be used to support using the Ella and Abi film.

Viewing the film

The full length (22 minute) film is designed to be viewed in facilitated sessions which the Ella and Abi Facilitators Guide has been designed to support. 


Ella and Abi full length film