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Internal medicine training

The Internal Medicine Training programme is a new training model, designed to equip doctors with the skills and confidence to lead on the care of patients in general ward and acute care settings. It replaces the current Core Medical Training curriculum.

In response to recommendations in the Shape of Training Report, and to better equip doctors with the skills needed for a 21st Century NHS, the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB), on behalf of the Federation of the three Royal Colleges of Physicians and with the support of Health Education England, has developed a new training model known as Internal Medicine Training.

Internal Medicine Training is a three year programme which includes experience in intensive care medicine, geriatric medicine and outpatients. This will give doctors in training wider exposure to medical specialties including dedicated experience in ICU.

It is hoped that more people training in Internal Medicine and the physician specialties will reduce rota gaps, provide improved access to outpatient experience and will better prepare trainees as they progress to the medical registrar role.

The curriculum was developed with the active input of consultants involved in delivering teaching and training across the UK, trainees, service representatives and lay representatives.


For further information visit the JRCPTB website.