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Health Education England National Data Service

HEE Data Service


The Data Service is committed to supporting Health Education England’s vision in delivering outstanding education and training to the NHS system, by providing analytical insight and developing products to support workforce challenges and strategy.

The HEE Data Service is an amalgamation of specialist data driven teams across the Workforce Planning and Information directorate. We will be sharing information and links related to the data service for organisations and stakeholders alike to access.

Data collection

Health Education England’s Data Service Team is leading a project to develop a national data collection strategy to standardise HEE's external data collections activity relating to the following clinical and non-clinical groups:

  • Students and apprentices on healthcare courses leading to registration with a professional regulatory body
  • Students on healthcare-related courses whose salaries are funded by HEE (not including medical trainees)
  • Students and staff (including apprentices) on other health-related courses, including post-registration courses
  • Workforce development activity collected by HEE (not including medical)
  • Workforce data collected by HEE (with the exception of medical trainees)

Current data collection activities sit across teams and functions, and there is a need to rationalise these activities to deliver benefits and efficiencies to the system. Delivery and implementation of a national strategy will provide a single set of standard, national data, remove variation in approach, reduce burden and duplication, improve data quality and address data gaps.

In June 2020, our Data Collection project team, in partnership with Softwire Ltd, undertook a 10-week Discovery exercise, conducting research into data collection requirements. During Discovery, the team did a technical review, conducted research interviews and consulted with various groups and committees within HEE, and with external colleagues from NHS Trusts, Primary Care, Higher Education Institutions (HEIs) and Integrated Care Systems (ICSs). The research focused on user requirements for data relating to:

  • Student numbers
  • Placement information and management
  • Placement capacity
  • Payment information and management
  • Future workforce supply
  • Future workforce demand
  • Workforce development

The Discovery phase focused on some key research questions which enabled:

  • Exploration of the data collection ecosystem to identify key insights and understand who is involved, what their roles are and what systems they use
  • The development of ‘personas’, fictional characters that represents a type of user and an understanding the ‘pain-points’ they face
  • The development of 14 ‘Epics’/ draft standards, which aim to define what a fit-for-purpose solution should look like
  • Mapping of the ‘as-is’ data collection process, analysis and evaluation of bottlenecks, commonalities and tools, and creation of a ‘to-be’ model, including the idealised data collection flow
  • The identification of a range of requirements and recommend costed options and solutions for future data collection. 

The Discovery work also included research interviews to identify placement oversight systems used by HEIs, understand the needs of ICSs and HEE’s future data collection requirements in this space, and look at how current data collections can be used to help inform discussions on maximisation of placement capacity. This will directly inform the HEE Business Plan requirement for 2020/21, to work with ICSs to co-design the specification for a digital management system for clinical placements. 

The Alpha phase of the project is now underway.  Further information on this will be published later in October.


Contact us

For further information on this project, please contact any member of the Data Collection Discovery Project Team: