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Delivering health and care services for patients is only possible with a high-quality team, with the right education, training, experience and behaviours.

Delivering health and care services for patients is only possible with a high-quality workforce, with the right education, training, experience, and behaviours.

The Long-Term Plan describes how NHS organisations and services should be integrated around patients and communities to meet their needs and expectations over the next decade. The NHS People Plan outlines how NHS staff will be supported to deliver the Long-Term Plan. 

Health Education England’s duty to patients, taxpayers and staff is to ensure education and training funds are used effectively and focussed on key priorities.

This essential long-term investment in education must be maintained whatever the short-term pressures. This ensures NHS staff will be available long into the future.

To achieve this HEE must work with colleagues in NHS Improvement/ England, the wider NHS community and partners. Part of the HEE strategy is to host all data collection activity in one place. To support the long-term workforce planning process, HEE has developed ‘eCollection’, an in-house data collection platform supporting a suite of data collection tools:

The benefits of eCollection include:

  • A co-ordinated suite of HEE collection tools
  • Easy access for users with the tools available through the HEE website/HEE online portal
  • A clear data collection approach with user requirements at the centre
  • All participating organisations can view the data once submitted and those with access to the tools are able to view these submissions within the live environment
  • User guides have been developed for each tool and there is support for ‘system users’, available from HEE teams
  • Each tool follows a similar format to maximise simplicity for providers and recipients of the data to move between the tools, and understand the operating system
  • Tools include some simple validation checks online reducing errors and maximising data quality
  • All data is submitted and stored securely in line with GDPR
  • Intelligent access: those with required login for each tool can access the data submitted at the level they require
  • Technical support is provided.

There is a structured development plan to ensure that requirements currently met by pre-existing data collections are built into the eCollection platform. Examples include:

  • Apprenticeships
  • Return to Practice
  • Pre-registration Medical and Dental Education
  • Pre-registration Education Capacity
  • Healthcare Science

The Data Service which covers clinical and non-clinical data collection, and data held on the Trainee Information System (TIS) on Post-graduate Medical and Dental Training are aligned. 

Specific queries on TIS should be directed to Alistair Pringle, Service Manager Alistair.pringle@hee.nhs.uk

For further details please contact the Data Collection team: